Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Travel Diary: My Queensland Roadtrip Part 2: Gold Coast


So, where we? Oh yes, when we last left off I was leaving Sunny Brisbane in Part 1 of my QLD roadtrip.  We were picked up in style by our fabulous Uber Select driver (who kindly saved this Mr-Burns-in-distress, by opening a bottle of spring water for me, all part of the service, although I was mortified I couldn't open it on my own!), who drove Shellie, Natalie and I (Chloe went in a separate UberSelect vehicle) on to our next destination: the Gold Coast!

On arrival at Sofitel Gold Coast we were greeted with some very refreshing passionfruit mocktails, then whisked upstairs to cook alongside two-hatted Chef Sam Moore (of Room81 restaurant) by the pool.  You know, just my ordinary Thursday afternoon...

Native bush apples and finger limes as our gorgeous centrepiece at lunch.
 Two-hatted Chef Sam Moore of Room81 plating up an amazing dish of raw tuna with watermelon.
 The espuma with Jamon crumble served with the chargrilled marron with finger lime was simply divine!
We also got to help plate up...no pressure!
Gently seared foie gras with an orange jelly...sublime!
Chargrilled marron with native finger lime
Spoilt rotten by the Sofitel Gold Coast - thank you so much guys! Came to room after lunch for a little R&R and this!
AND THIS!!! This was between the incredible poolside lunch and the degustation dinner that would follow! Of course, this tiny slice of delicious chocolate ganache covered Opera cake was just the first of many...eek! Polished that fruit platter too, so amazing! There were some native bush apples in there too (I ate quite a few of them at lunch - they were the centrepiece! Haha!)
After an afternoon stroll and a spot of shopping at the nearby Shopping Centre, we enjoyed drinks outdoors at Sofitel Gold Coast's Room 81 restaurant, and were then treated to a sumptuous degustation, including this 'Grandma's Onion Soup' - Chef Sam Moore's deconstructed interpretation of this classic dish, the textures and flavours were incredible!
That gold-dusted beetroot jelly was an absolute delight! As were the (blurry, sorry) earl grey macarons filled with foie gras mousse: a m a z i n g  !
Smokin' cocktail!
The first of two desserts, this was so light and refreshing!

  Dessert #2 being assembled.
These chocolate spheres were actually made of very thin chocolate, beautifully tempered, with a hole cut out from the top, through which liquid nitrogen was poured into, for a spectacular finale...
which you smashed open with the back of your spoon to reveal a treasure of delights inside, much like a piñata - of the dessert variety, that is.  From start to finish, our degustation at Room81 was an absolute delight for the sense, an incredible, delicious and memorable experience!
  And in the morning, it was time to eat again! SUCH an amazing range of food on offer at the buffet breakfast, with a seriously deliciously perfect and warm croissant...baked fresh of course!

You may recognize the last picture as the full-version from a previous post, taken by 'Iron Chef Shellie' (aka Shellie Froidevaux) :) - Thanks again Shellie for the gorgeous shot!

All other pictures taken by me

Next stop...BYRON BAY!

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