Friday, April 27, 2012

Lil' Brigs B'day Pressie Sneak Peek - Erdem's Prussian Swallow Silk Pug

One of my favourite Erdem prints ever is his Prussian Swallow print from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection (along with the floral print I am so happy to have in the Maggie maxi skirt and matching Monique shirt). I was too excited for words when I found out Erdem had made some limited edition silk pugs (only 25 of this print were made) for Start London, I just had to have one. But, what was I to do with a little silk pug?

This time next week Lil' Brigs will be 2 years old! Can you believe how time flies (it seems like yesterday I announced her arrival)? I certainly cannot! But I have now found the perfect excuse to have one of these cute little pugs in my house. For those who 'like' me on Facebook may have read in a previous Facebook post, I got the cute little pug for her (as a birthday present - one I can appreciate at the same time - for 'Simpsons' fans out there, remember when Homer gave Marge a bowling ball as a present? I told Mr Brigs that he can give the more 'practical' gift, haha!), and here it is:

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Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Hehehe, that is a cutie for sure!!! And made of the finest fabric ever with a very beautiful pattern! Of course I remember that exact Simpson episode when Homer gave this bowling ball to Marge, so very unselfish he is XD What a super cool and stunning stuffed toy this little pug is - Lil Brigs will be the envy of all! (having some scenes with little ones in mind of "Look who's talking"....) Happy weekend to you & the family!! xx

    ps. and yes... def! time IS flying.

  2. can't believe it's been two years already!! adorable pug!

  3. wow :) that is a cute and thoughtful gift. I know you're going to keep it for years to come!

    Check out my blog today, I have an awesome purse-makeover DIY!

  4. pug cute


  5. she's already such a fashionista at only two! happy birthday little brigs.