Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Black and blue all over - (What I wore today): Burberry leather and Isabel Marant Betty sneakers

This jacket will always bring me fond memories of Barcelona. I have written about this before, but after a Burberry shopping spree with Mr Brigs and my sisters in Barcelona, we were snapped outside the store and interviewed for a local newspaper, which we laughed about for so long the following morning when we saw our pic on the newsstands. It is one of my favourite jackets: the washed leather, the ribbed knit cuffs and waistband, the flap pockets, and the purple plaid lining (how can one not feel happy with purple plaid?.  

Normally I'd wear this jacket with black jeans, but I don't have any that fit me at the moment (it's on my 'wishlist').  This is what I wore to the post office to send some lovely items from my store to loving new homes.

Jacket: Burberry leather jacket (old), Jeans: Rag & Bone 'The Dre' in Wells (available in Bradford here), Shoes: Isabel Marant Betty sneakers (the all-suede Bobby is available here, here and here), Knit: Willow black cashmere knit, Sunglasses: Ray Ban Folding wayfarer (available here and polarized version here - that is what I have)


  1. You look exactly how I remember you :)
    You are the third person to mention fond memories of Barcelona this week...

    1. Plus 1001 more wrinkles and lots of white hair, quite likely a few extra kilos too, haha! Yes, it seems so many bloggers are in Barcelona! Where's my ticket? :)


  2. Great leather jacket

    Rianna xx

  3. I really love your look! You can't beat a leather jacket and jeans though. The texture of yours is gorgeous and the colour is something different than the norm which is really nice.

    - Mandi

    1. Thx Mandi! Funnily, I had no idea the jacket was blue until I went to the counter to pay for it. For some reason the lighting in the store was so dark I thought it was black! So glad it wasn't though (although I wouldn't normally pair it with blue jeans...)


  4. I love seeing your OOTD posts, you always look so chic!

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