Monday, June 3, 2013

What I wore today: Bonjour! OOTD and FOTD...

Been on Instagram a bit too much: 


  1. I love the sweater! That jacket is still just as perfect as the day it came out. Such a great outfit.

    - Mandi

  2. Love that top! So Parisian chic.

  3. I had that jumper in my "watch" list for quite sometime :) It is very cute..I think it got sold out tho

    1. Sadly it did. I found it 'scalped' for double its RRP on Ebay, but liked it so much I forked out the money (it wasn't that much to start with, the hard part is paying double due to principle, haha).

  4. Love this outfit! Itching to by myself a pair of roshe runs although so unsure of the size! I wear a 8.5 in the lunar glides but then a 9 in the free runs 5.0. Did you find the roshe runs to be true to size?? Thanks heaps!