Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New in & What I wore today: Ray Ban Folding Wayfarers and ASOS anchor dress

It all started with this post by Garance Dore. A I saw the header picture and read on, my eyes went as wide as teacups: foldable sunglasses?!? Where have you been all my life? I had been considering a new pair of black sunglasses anyway, and when I read about these I couldn't stop thinking about how perfect they'll be for traveling (so these are coming with me to Paris in 3 weeks time for sure).  These are seriously brilliant, and I'm so glad I got them! Fold them and put them in your pocket when entering a store instead of fumbling in your bag for the case, or instead of pushing them up onto your hair and getting tangled with the nose pads (of my aviators), or dropping them tto the ground when you bend down. You can get a pair here.

Ray-Ban foldable Wayfarer sunglasses (I bought the polarized version - still much cheaper than any other sunglasses I own)
Ok, sorry to scare you guys, but I thought I'd show how they fit on the face.  I'm so glad I went in store to try them on, as I was sure I'd go for the bigger/oversized pair, but on trying decided on the original size. n.b. I didn't intend the photo to be fuzzy, but with the camera on timer this is the best I could do...
1. ASOS anchor dress (available here), 2. Chanel matte calfskin reissue bag with gold hardware (found one here and here), 3. Woolworths (yes, my friends, Woolworths!) fleece-lined leggings, 4. Isabel Marant Dicker boots in Anthracite (available here and here)
first pic via Garance Dore, the rest by yours truly 

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  1. Gurl I coulda told you about collapsible sunglasses! I've been wearing and traveling with mine for the last 4 years. I especially like how the cases don't take up a lot of room either.

    1. I know, I feel like I was living under a rock or something! I love the case too, and how it could easily fit into a jacket/coat's pocket! Which collapsible sunglasses (aka sunnies, here Down Under) do you have H?


    2. Dior Homme tortoise shell. They're on my blog somewhere...

  2. you have a great blog!! do you want that we follow each other?? have a nice day dear!!!


  3. Oh boy! What a treasure trove of goodies! I love the folding wayfarers. Nice and compact.

    - Mandi