Monday, June 24, 2013

Planning upcoming outfits to wear during Paris Couture Week

Ok, so I really should be wrapping up my packing, as I leave in a couple of days.  As invites have started rolling in, I realised that it will be more than the 1-2 shows that I will be attending at Paris' Couture Week, so started panicking as that means I need more 'dressy' outfits.  I have been spamming my Instagram feed with outfits I'm thinking of wearing, and for my own reference, thought I'd post them here, so I have them on the one page.  There is another dress I had long planned to bring which is at the tailor (along with a few other pieces I'm hoping to pack - talk about last minute! I'm picking them up the day before I take off!).  I had only planned on bringing one pair of dressy shoes, but that has proved a challenge, so I'm trying to pack shoes that should hopefully suit a variety of outfits and that aren't too bulky:

T-shirt: Bonds, Dress: Chloe (by Phoebe Philo), Clutch: Dries Van Noten, Sandals: Dries Van Noten
Dress: Malaysian hand-painted batik 'maxi' dress, Shoes: Margiela for H&M plexi booties, bag: Dries Van Noten - when I bought this dress, I thought it was so Dries Van Noten, and something I could picture Cate Blanchett wearing (not sure why). Am also thinking these may suit some minimal flat DVN sandals I have (and are pretty light, if I'm to add it to my growing shoe list)...
Dress: David Szeto (unfortunately you can barely see what it's meant to look like), Clutch and sandals: Dries Van Noten
Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim x Koi Suwannagate, Clutch: Dries Van Noten, Shoes: Margiela for H&M plexi booties
as before, but bag: Chanel reissue, with this outfit I'd prefer black sandals, but I can't seem to find mine! Don't know where they are since I moved...
And again.

I thought perhaps to avoid bringing/smooshing my Chanel bag I'd bring the Dries Van Noten clutches which are more compact and less 'delicate' to pack, but I'm not sure yet...


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    1. Thanks Fashion Ice - my heels hardly see the light of day nowadays (except for those nude DVN sandals, which are my trusty comfy wear-with-almost-anything shoes).

  2. That's definitely an option :)

    I was just thinking if I can get away with not bringing the booties after all (which previously were going to be the only shoes I was going to wear). I think I may also see an alternative to the striped top to wear with the Chloe dress. I felt it looked too dressy on its own (oh, and a bit too revealing for my current body), so was trying to dress it down...

  3. so jealous you get to go! love the chanel!

    love from San Francisco,

  4. LOVE the Chanel reissue.

    Is it too late to get my hands on the Margiela for H&M plexi booties? I need to have them in my life.

    1. Maybe try Ebay? They might still have some...I found them TTS, but my sister and a lot of people found they ran small, if that helps...

      They're one of my most versatile high-heel shoe purchases of late...

  5. Can't wait to see you wearing all those outfits, love them all !!! I will look so underdressed in my photographer comfy outfits ahah !!! Nathalie

  6. OMG I'm so excited for you! Have a brilliant time (as if that needs saying). The outfits are gorgeous. I love all the floaty dresses and those clutches are devine! Take it all ha ha...

    - Mandi

  7. so exited for you! how do you happen to attend all those shows? as the blogger?

    1. As the writer and editor of Peut-être Magazine, can't wait! Will be attending one of my favourite couture designers' show, meeting her backstage and interviewing her! Hope I don't get tongue tied...