Saturday, October 25, 2008

TGIF with Chloe & a Touch of Vintage

Wore this out for drinks & dinner with friends on Friday:

Dress: Mom's dress (now vintage) the softest cotton, it feels like silk and has amazing silver thread running through it.
Belt: Chain rope vintage belt (was mom's too)
Shoes: Dior Extreme Pythons
Bag: Chloe large lambskin Bracelet bag


This is my undoubtedly my favourite bag, which I've had for years (and that's starting to show). The leather is butter soft, and I love the large bracelet brass handle (which can be changed to a leather strap that I pretty much never use), the tiny gold/brass studs, and the fact that I can fit a 1.5L bottle of water, and everything else I ever need to carry (including a spare pair of sandals/thongs if I'm partying).

I truly miss the Phoebe Philo days at Chloe, and absolutely loved this collection, which I consider one of her iconic collections (Spring 2003). I don't think things have been the same since she left, but it'll be interesting to see what direction Hannah MacGibbon takes with the label. Her Spring 2009 collection appears to be stearing Chloe back to a 'girlier' direction, but it's early days yet.


  1. i love the hippie dress !!! it looks very soft and confortable !!!

  2. Your dress is gorgeous on you with that delicate belt.


    I was young and he wasn't really but we make each other happy.. that could be way we look a little younger than our age? :) Thank you for your kind comment.

  3. Love your outfit. My mom actually had a dress that is really really similar to that one. I may wear it sometime!
    ANd, wow, that bag is just gorgeous...I love it, I understand why it's your favourite.
    Wish I had one too...I'm a bag addict.
    Oh, and nice blog!!

  4. This dress is beautiful! What a wonderful thing to inherit :)

  5. hey thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.
    I love the print on your's kinda hippy.

    I have to say i like chloe when it was under the edgier direction of Paulo melim andersson..

  6. Hi! I love your whole outfit but specially THOSE SHOES! AMAZING!
    This is my blog if you want to check it out I just did a post on some really cool jeans I just bought.
    Bye bye!

  7. I adore your dress. I always complain to my mother because she never saved her clothes from when she was younger!

  8. The pattern on that dress is just gorgeous, especially the colours.. wow

  9. Oh, thanks for passing by and for the lovely comment.
    About the links exchange...absolutely!
    I've already linked you.


  10. "Home grown" vintage is the best.

  11. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!

    the clothes horse - mom regrets not keeping more of her stuff (although she's quite a hoarder in terms of clothes, I quite often try to dissuade her from wearing some 80's stuff I don't agree with, haha).

    a dream - for some reason I lost interest in Chloe when Paulo Melim Andersson took over. I mean, I do like edgier clothes, but I never thought that was what Chloe was meant to be (all personal opinions, of course)

    La Clocharde - right back at you! Muchas Gracias!

  12. fantastic that you have the originals dior! wow!

    a kiss!!!

  13. oh god natalia is amazin ! i love that picture with her !! so nice !!

  14. I love every single pair of shoes you own !

    hahaha :)

    its nice to find great blogs :)

    hihi n_n

  15. Obrigada Kira!

    Thank you Juan!

    And Mr Style, I totally agree, Natalia's just gorgeous!

  16. The dress is beautiful, the colour looks amazing on you and the bag is extra kodos! I saw a very similar dress by my Miss Shop in Myer a couple of weeks back, but it was just a bit to see through for my likes =D

  17. madame dior - my dress is also a bit sheer, so I wore it with a nude slip under it (although with nude underwear it would probably be ok, just not in the sun, hence the slip) :)

  18. lame! i left a huge comment and it got eaten up by blogger. ah! well, firstly i said i would reply to your comment here. I too miss the phoebe philo days at chloe with her whimsical, girly, dainty dresses in such luxurious fabrics. I love your outfit there, the bag and shoes are just stunning, and you have great taste! and i agree, SS 09 chloe was definitely a step in the right direction for chloe, and although it was hit and miss, when it was right it was just perfect.

    now, thankyou for your good luck and congratulation wishes! i'm just so happy right now i could fly! my holiday in january/feb/march will be amazing, i know it, i'm just so excited for shopping and history and culture. I love england so much, when i lived there it was like being home, and australia is much too hot for me. i like the cold weather a lot more. so you lived in cambridge? i love it there, my cousins have a fabulous old house there, and a farm just outside with their horses and chickens... very typical english countryside but i love it. Cambridge is just lovely, and perfect for me since i love all things old... i even thought about going to uni there, but it's very expensive for non uk citizens. maybe for post-grad haha.

    in regards to the akira sale i am SO there it's not funny! and now that my exams are over i'm free as a bird! i've always wanted to own something of his, i really admire him as a designer and he is definitely one of my fav aussie designers of all time. :D he is just a whiz with colour and pattern. I'm interested to have a look at his fabrics actually, because although i can't sew to save my life i might buy some and give it to my designer friend, who i know would love it, and who would make me something lovely out of it haha. :D I'm a good friend..

    I can't remember what else i wrote in the comment! ah! i'm getting old! i think it was something along the lines of, i'm glad you're envious! i want everyone to feel insanely jealous of me because i'm free! i'm free! i can do whatever i like! .... until march and uni and the return of the daily grind. I should probably get a job too, i need spending money for when i go overseas. Maybe not as free as i thought, haha.

    Have a lovely day... isn't it hot at the moment!? at least, it is in sydney...

    hmm i think that was it... stupid blogger eating up my comment.. ah well, if i have forgotten something i'll just comment on one of your other great posts later. i'm just spreading the love around!

    and woah... is this an essay length comment or what? but then, i have nothing else to do because I"M FREE!!! ahahhaha. .:D