Wednesday, October 29, 2008

London 'High Tea' Style - Feliz Aniversario J!

Happy Birthday J!

For those who saw my previous post with the gorgeous Aqua Green silk frilled Burberry Prorsum dress (worn by Agyness Deyn), you may have guessed that the 'mystery girl' is non other gorgeous sister (we'll call her E)! She and my little sister J went for High Tea at Kensington Palace to kick-off a week of celebrations (it's J's b'day today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY J!)

I asked E to take some shots and hinted that I might post them here (my sisters don't really check my blog unless I ask them to, eg. when I said I posted pics of the shoes they gave me for my birthday). E asked whether they'd have to 'do silly poses also'. I told her "No, and if I looked like you & J, I wouldn't have to either!". Aren't they gorgeous ? Nothing like being comfortable in your own skin (wish I had their confidence and photogenicness) Miss them terribly!

J wears:

Dress: Burberry Prorsum (this is from my favourite ever collection by Christopher Bailey)
Coat: Burberry bell-sleeve tweed
Shoes: Miu Miu sueded Tie-Dye Pumps
Clutch: Topshop Sueded Tie-Dye (I found this for her when I went for a 36hr visit to London in March)

I've asked my sister what those pink 'marshmallows' are in her hair, so cute! (p.s. I just found out they're silk rosettes!)

E wears:

Dress: I asked last night what this was, she bought it in NYC and can't remember who it's by, but I'm pretty sure it's by Tracy Reese (love the lace!)
Jacket: Burberry (Prorsum, I think)
Gloves: Burberry (leather - they gave me a gorgeous pair in orange that I love)
Bag: Patent Wine Burberry clutch/bag (so cute!)
Shoes: Robert Robert
Bracelet: I just spotted the bracelet I gave her for her birthday this year by Swarovski, it's stunning! It has several semi-precious stones with gold/crystal trimming, without being blingy...

Better picture of the Burberry Prorsum dress my sister wore under the coat in the pic above

I'm so in love with this dress, I absolutely loved all the gorgeous prints Christopher Bailey used for that Spring collection, and I didn't even like floral prints that much then! Shame the flash washed out the dress, but I just had to add this photo, how I'd love to be in that dress in such lush surroundings, and next to my sister (she can wear something else, haha!).

PS. I can't believe how brown my sister is, and she said it snowed in London! She's browner than me! Guess it's all those trips to Amalfi, Greek Islands, etc...Ah, life's so unfair!

Love how E 'punked' the Burberry Prorsum dress up with the studded belt, she also wore these gorgeous Chloe studded sandals with them...Must ask E who that DKNY clutch is by, love the dangling crystals! *sigh* I just had another look at that dress, it's just gorgeous.


  1. Your sister looks gorgeous in that Burberry dress. As I said in my last comment, that dress is just perfection what I would do to get to wear that out once.

    LOVE your miu miu pumps

  2. I adore the blue Burberry. I remember Christina Ricci wore in in Elle and looked STUNNING! The dress is just a wonder.

  3. fantastic dresses and style and this last blue one, wow, i just remember Dyen wearing it!

    a kiss
    my best wishes!

  4. oh man, your sister is killing that Burberry dress! Ahh I've never heard of a High Tea before but it looks delicious, btw, did you sister's Burberry dress come with or without the studded belt?

  5. Madame Dior - I've never had a proper High Tea either, but am hoping to do so when I go to Buenos Aires in December at the Hotel Alvear, I hear it's 2D4 there! To answer your question, the dress did not come with the belt, my sister felt that the dress was 'over the top', but I convinced her to just keep using it, loved that she dressed it down a smidge with the belt.

    Thanks everyone for commenting :)

  6. this is almost too much chic and fabulousness for me to handle!

    J's clutch goes so perfectly with her shoes. i like how they are like reverses of each other.
    the trench and the flower in the hair, beautiful.

    and E so elegant and classic!

    and the cake! and i dont know where your sister is in the 3rd picture, but it looks absolutely beautiful!

    and the burberry dress! fabulous!

  7. H of Candid Cool - I was so excited when I found that clutch for J, and at Topshop no less. The place my sister is in the 3rd picture is Kensington Palace, where they went for 'High Tea' (my mind boggles...Kensington Palace?), so the first 2 pics are outdoors of the Palace...just amazing!

    Am so wishing I were with them in London!

  8. Love the BUrberry P dress!

    and the jacket is just even more beatiful !

    A birhtday at the MET! Super!

    Is there a place for you guys to adopt me and dress me that cute!


  9. Everyone looks stunning. There are some nice statement dresses in this post!

  10. OMG, look at that cake table... You and ur sister look so stylish!

  11. So pretty, the ladies!

    I love's the perfect mix between pure elegance and Rock&Roll!!!

    Thanks for passing by...


  12. romeika - thanks for the comment! I'm in the photos above though *insert embarassed face*, those are my 2 sisters who live in London (different continent to where I am, boo hoo!).

    la clocharde - I agree about Burberry! And not only Burberry Prorsum, but the Burberry line too, I must admit that although I've always been a Prorsum fan, only recently did I come to realize that the original 'Burberry' label is not just checkered prints (not a fan) and classic beige trenchcoats...

  13. So your two sisters look very stylish, then;-) I answered your comment on my blog, but here it is, anyway:

    re:que roteiro maravilhoso! Eu ainda vou demorar a voltar a visitar a minha terrinha..acho que soh em agosto do proximo ano. Ah, os quitutes brasileiros sao os melhores! hahaha Saudade de um pao de queijo, me empanturrei quando estive em Natal em julho hehe :-)

    P.S.:Que legal que vc fala portugues e tudo mais ^.^

  14. romeika a voce igualmente! :) Percebi que esqueci uma palavra importante no meu comentario: "I'm NOT in the photos with my sisters", opa, desculpa! :)

  15. LOVE your Burberry dress.

    I am so jealous, I really wanted that dress.

  16. i thought i would comment back here, spread the love around.

    your sisters are stunning, and that dress is fabulous. i did a polyvore set with it in it, wondering how i would wear it. much like your sister did, actually, with a studded belt and cute clutch. she looks fabulous, and her taste (and yours!) is impeccable!

    i am so jealous... i think i will move to london in a few years when i'm a bit older. i can't wait, i just love it there. i miss the year i spent there, but dad's job took us back to aus. not that i don't love sydney, but i prefer melbourne... and it gets much too hot. i don't like the hot weather. blah.

    there's an akira sale this weekedn!?!?!??!! where! ah! i must go! (even though i have no money... story of my life). I went to a fabulous fleur wood sample sale the other day which was so good. picked up a gorgeous lacy skirt for a fraction of the original price. i was so happy!

    no black cigarette pants are already v. slimming. !! audrey hepburn, of course, is an unattainable height, but it's nice sometimes to dream about what it would be like to be her for a day.

    i think i will ask for a subscription for my birthday. i don't always buy air freight, i usually wait till the next month when they slash the price, but once i did that with an issue i really wanted and it sold out... i was gutted and so now if its an issue i love i have to buy it air freight in case it sells out. like this kate moss cover, which is so beautiful i think it might sell out. i can't wait to get my hands on it! the eds sound so lovely.

    now, i really must go, my french exam starts in 2 hours... thanks for your sweet comments! i want to be a writer when i grow up, so your compliment really means a lot. but believe me, don't read to the earliest entries, they are actually quite silly and embarassing. i was only starting out. :D

    i'm linking you right now!


  17. that turquoise ruffle dress is something special~ *drool*