Thursday, November 13, 2008

Le Muu Muu - Loungewear as Outerwear?

Silk batik kaftan worn with Tom Binns Faux Real cuff (close-up pic in my previous post) & Lanvin bronze gladiator sandals.

So it isn't actually a 'Mumu', but that's what I affectionally call this amazing piece of clothing, it is seriously the most comfortable piece of clothing I own, and the soft flowy silk feels amazing against my skin when I move, love its flowy drapey nature.

I purchased this silk batik hand-painted kaftan in Malaysia, and they tell me it's their traditional clothing worn whilst at home. When I purchased it I couldn't fathom wearing it only within the confines of my four walls. My friend was appalled when I told her I wanted to wear it out (she's not Asian), as was my mother-in-law, when I donned it to a family dinner. I have worn it out on several occasions, but most enjoyably, there is nothing I like more than coming home and putting this on, leaving the cares of the day fall off my shoulders as I relax in comfort.

So what do you think, should it be kept as loungewear? Or can it be outerwear as well?

I just saw this silk Easton Pearson 'Kaftan' at Francesca for $1500 (at less than a tenth of the price, mine's not too bad!).

Lanvin Bronze Gladiator sandals (picture from Matches)


  1. Outwear!! its amazing!! i love delicate fabrics with intricate prints, beautiful! Have you tied it with a silk belt perhaps? to give it a kimono look? =D

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I think it's a little too voluminous for everyday wear, unless you can modify it somehow so that it's more fitted?

  3. this kaftan is so chic !!!
    the print and colours are gorgeous.
    especially with the lanvin sandals !!!
    i love the elegant and comfortable outfits you choose to wear.

  4. madame dior I've tried tying it with a something similar to a silk belt, and it looked a bit funny due to the sleeves (the kaftan's sewn from the armhole to the bottom), may try again...thanks for the suggestion ;)

    mizzj - Thanks! I've thought about taking it in too, wonder if it'd work...

    DYDWD - Merci beacoup!

  5. not for me. i'm asian too - from the philippines - and i grew up seeing the women in my family wear this all the time. i do admit they are the most comfortable thing on earth to wear at home, especially in the summer.

  6. what great colours! i love it, and definitely outerwear, i love the suggestions of others as well, taking it in might be a good thing actually... your choice of footwear with it is also stunning, as per usual. those gladiators are just fabulous.

    easton pearson is one of my favs! i walked past their shop in paddington today on my way to work and wanted to go inside and drool, but i got a bit intimidated by their immaculate SA's... so i just walked past. maybe tomorrow i will pluck up the courage!!!

    ah thanks for your lovely comment... i'm really self conscious, so depending on how i feel in the dress (i still have my final fitting tomorrow! ah!) you may or may not get a picture. i'm wearing my new vanessa bruno skirt to the afters, and i love that outfit.. maybe i'll get a pic with that.

    i am so jealous of your cactus jam visit... i always mean to get there but never do. next time in melbourne i must must must!

    hope you had a great day.

  7. So fantastic Caftan!!!
    Even better than mine! ehhehe

    Sobre Buenos Aires, que legal que vc vai! Lá é maravilhososo!! Não deixe de ir a feirinha de São telmo nos domingos, ao shopping Patio Bulrich (onde há as melhores marcas internacionais) e no Puerto Madero (onde há os melhores restaurantes). Ainda aproveite e vá ao Señor Tango (o show é mesmo bonito!)

    Ah, na época, fiz uns posts da viagem, vá:

    Mil beijos e boa Viagem!!!

  8. I'd say both. I think that dress is perfect for a picnic or even for casual shopping. I love that sandal. oh.. gold.

  9. oi!!! já que vc fala português... fica mais fácil, né? bem, amei o seu caftan! é óbvio que vc poderá usá-lo p/sair - é lindo! como conheci o seu blog na kira, vou deixar outra dica de buenos aires - não perca a feira da recoleta e a região de palermo (super descolada)! eu trouxe lindos colares com pedras maravilhosas! bjs e apareça - seja mt bem-vinda!

  10. rdp - I think my 'chutzpah' to wear this out has diminished since I bought it, wore it out a few times, and this year, only once...

    hrose - Hope to see either your formal dress or your 'after' outfit (especially the Vanessa Bruno skirt, sounds gorgeous!). I've been to the Easton Pearson store (William Street, is it?), tres cool!

    kira - Muito obrigada pelas dicas e pelos 'links', fotos lindas! E nossa, como voce e chiquerrima mesmo quando viajando! Buenos Aires parece muito lindo! (Visitei uma vez, mas foi quase 20 anos atras, haha!). PS. Voce achou San Telmo 'seguro'?

    claudia pimenta - Muito obrigada pelas dicas tambem! Oba! Joalheria! :)

  11. It's amazing. I love the colours, and I can actually see that the fabric is so beautiful and soft and rich just from the pics. Wearing it must be amazing.
    So, for me, outwear it is!

    Plus, it looks great on you, and the Lanvin sandals are fab...everything looks perfect darling.

  12. just add some fabulous jewelry and some jeweled sandals, and take it out. that is too beautiful to only be left at home.

    take it with you to brazil!!!

  13. H of Candid Cool - Thanks! Yay! I will definitely be bringing it with me to Brazil, although I may not wear it out, it's so vibrant/bold that it'll almost be beacon shining attention on myself, haha!

    La clocharde - Muchas gracias!

  14. gorgeous dress! do you belt it at all? I imagine it would be a rather versatile piece...yes? your blog. you have an amazing sense of style :) x i'll be adding you to my ever growing list :)

  15. bombola! The 'kaftan'/ muu muu is somewhat hard to belt, as, if you can picture it: it's almost like a long rectangle piece of fabric folded over, and sewn down the sides from the armholes to the bottom, so belting it looks quite odd...(I've tried, haha).

    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  16. You look lovely, so chic and comfortable and I think thats a very effortlessly sexy combo :)

    I have one too, but mine is sheer and very delicate so I keep it for resort/pool wear only. I too am going to try to wear mine belted but its kinda hard - the fabric is delicate so I can only think to use a silk scarf or sash, and also belting a kaftan then means you loose that nonchalant look, yeah?!

    I liked your MSD but your blog is so much better! You have a stunning collection and fabulous taste xxx

  17. Thanks so much porcelaineblonde! - I remember your sheer kaftan (La Perla was it?), and it was divine! Goddess by the pool look ;) I agree that belting would lose the 'nonchalant' look...

  18. from sea of shoes: where did you see the kneehigh margiela open toe boots last week?!?!? thxs for advising--shoe fiend here.

  19. Hi Anne! Are you in Australia? I saw the knee-hi Margiela sandal/boots at Zambesi in Melbourne (Little Flinders Lane), and they were $1200. Hope that helps ;) They were G O R G E O U S!!! I didn't even dare try them on in case I didn't want to take them off, haha...

  20. OMG!! i just came around your blog and its amazing!!
    most of the pieces u put together are gorgeous! and this entry is just WOW. i'm from Singapore and a malay and yes i'm wearing the kaftan now for bed! my friends laughed at me when they see me in this! i just love the material though. but u just work it!

  21. Haha, thanks Sarah! I've been wearing mine to bed lately, which feels weird, as now I've worn it out, to bed, and to lounge around the house...surely that means I've worn my PJ's out? Eeps!

  22. I love these colorful dresses!! Great!!