Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Vintage Indian Wedding Skirt

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When travelling overseas, I tend to deliberate purchases more carefully than when I'm not travelling, and during my last trip to Malaysia, I only made two fashion purchases: one was the traditional Malaysian silk batik kaftan from my previous post (Le Muu Muu), and the other was this amazing Vintage Indian Wedding Skirt.

When my eyes fell upon this skirt, they went as wide as teacups as I swiftly pounced on it. This drawstring vintage silk skirt, with its amazing embroidery, beads & sequins (which makes this skirt quite heavy), was once worn at an Indian wedding ceremony (so the tag said), and is one-of-a-kind. There were three wedding skirts at this store, and none of them were the same. Most surprising of all, was where I found it (brace yourself)...: Zara! (Yes, Zara! Don't worry, I didn't believe it either)
. Whilst trying it on I immediately pictured it as a dress, instead of a skirt, and seemed to have shocked every person in the store when I walked out of the changeroom wearing it as a halter dress (which is how I later wore it to my father-in-law's 60th birthday):

Belt: Anna Sui crystal/gold belt
Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent Dada Semi-Wedges in Platino

Top: Josh Goot racerback

Funnily enough, I have never worn this skirt as intended (ie. as a skirt), and in the past 3 & 1/2 years have used it several times as a dress:

Jacket: Kate Hurst cropped bolero
Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent Dada Semi-Wedges in Platino

So no, I didn't wear it to my wedding, but pictured above are my wedding shoes! I'm so glad I still get to wear them...


  1. wow...exotic textile, like the grey Josh Goot pairing...

  2. what a beautiful skirt !!!
    the embroideries are so rich !!!
    i also saw indian wedding skirts in a zara store 2 or 3 years ago. i wanted to buy a purple one, but it was so heavy and so long that i thought i would never wear it. moreover, i didn't know how to make it classy with a shirt or a jacket like you do. now that i see your pictures, it is so obvious !!! you have such a great style !!!

  3. That looks so great as a dress.
    P.S. I'm linking you.

  4. That is stunning. Such a beautiful colour. I love red.

  5. Eu acho lindo misturar pecas etnicas com artigos mais chiques e classicos. O look da ultima foto ficou perfeito! Beijos.

  6. Speechless I am! Only you could pull off such gorgeous versatility! You really bring to life what is just a fabric that is fabulous to become a fabulous garment! I love it, but I doubt I could ever do something like that!

  7. wow!!! i esp. love it paired with the grey tank. zara!!! that's incredible!!

    you are such an inspiration to me!

  8. What a beautiful find, the sequin embroidery is truly amazing.


  9. This is fantastic, I passionate by oriental culture, so I guess you really did a great thing buying this great dress. I love it!

    a kiss!!!

  10. wow look at all the beads on the dress!
    I like #3 look the best.
    the one where u paired it with a shirt.

  11. lenorenevermore - Thanks! I think I wear it as a skirt this weekend :)

    DYDWD - Merci beaucoup! Ah! So maybe it wasn't just a Malaysian Zara thing (stocking vintage indian wedding skirts!), and purple! That would've been gorgeous! I agree that it's so heavy and so long (hence I've never used it as a skirt, even in my picture I'm wearing 4.5" heels, and it drags on the floor).

    Thanks TUPERSONALSHOPPERVIAJERO, coco & the clothes horse!

    Beverly - Aww, thank you so much! And I'm sure you could ;)

    Romeika - Muito obrigada!

    H of Candid Cool - Oh my! Thank you so much for such a lovely comment (am not worthy!). And yeah...Zara! Who would've thought? :)

    Tiffany - Thanks!

    Kira - Adoro cultura oriental tambem! Muito obrigada! Bjs!

    Song of Style - Thanks! :)

  12. i just recently found my mom's wedding shoes and they are so uniquely adorable... this post just made me think of that. I honestly dont know if i like these outfits but the skirt's detailing is wonderful.

  13. Thanks for your honest comment icon - :)

    I've seen my mom's wedding dress but not her shoes, I'm pretty sure they were platforms though, so maybe they're more similar to mine than I thought(although it was definitely not gold)

  14. EXQUISITE dress/skirt.. so intricate! can't believe its zara

  15. The wedding skirt is absolutely gorgeous! I love all of the different ways you wear shows great fashion insight :) You look really beautiful in it! And I had a look at your photos of you in your wedding dress, and may I just say: wow! You were a stunning bride, and your dress is a dream. xoxo

  16. Such a delicate and exquisite skirt, and I love all the ways you wore it, I love to see people get innovative with their clothes! :)

    And in reply to your comment, aw, you're Christmas sounds like it will be wonderful! <3


  17. absolutely love wjat you have done to your skirt!!!!

  18. Marquis de Lannes - Merci Beacoup!

    CHARMAINE - Thanks! I suppose it's not quite Zara (ie. it wasn't designed nor made by Zara but simply sold there?) :)

    Sunniva - Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

    The Stiletto Effect - Muito obrigada!

    CapuccinoB Muchas gracias!

    girl next blog - Thank you!

    Susanna-Cole Thank you so much! One week to go until I leave for my Xmas holidays, I may burst with excitement I simply can't wait! I miss my family like crazy (and Brazil too!)

    hannah - Thanks!

    Miss at la Playa - Gracias!

    a vision of neon - Thank you so much!

  19. OMG the details of that dress are jaw droppingly beautiful!
    Love how you changed the look of it too in different pictures

  20. That is a special dress, girl. I love that with the josh goot number.

    Now how do you find the time to blog while doing what you're doing. Amazing. As we both agree.. that list of right/left brain business is very broad so there's nothing to stop you from branching out.. maybe you could take up sewing. :P Then again, you're blogging already. This is a good creative outlet...would you say?

  21. diamondsinchampagne & lluviaschick - Thank you very much! :)

    songy - Haha, hubby complains that I spend too much time on the computer (true...). I agree that blogging is a creative outlet :). I took up sewing (sewing classes) a few years ago, but must admit I haven't touched the sewing machine in a while...I should post a picture of my favourite skirt someday...My skills are quite basic at them moment...
    Have a great weekeend! xx

  22. i didn't bother to write to you but I did give you a blog award thingie. Do you do that?

  23. Oh wow, it looks beautiful as a dress!

  24. exquisite!!! no more words.


  25. just beautiful beadwork!

    linked you :)

  26. Wow!
    What an interesting skirt!
    Looks amazing! :)
    I love your blog, I'll be adding it to my faves :)ta

  27. woww beautiful skirt!! and you look great in it!

  28. I love the textile and you are very beautiful with it

  29. Egads, that skirt is so gorgeous! I really really love all the outfits you made with it.

  30. Songy - thank you so much for the award! I had completely missed that post! I feel so honoured! xx

    She's Dressing Up & - Thank you so much!

    karla - Ooh! Thank you! Have linked you too ;)

    LaMimi - Cool, thanks! s

    eva, the healthy ghost & merily - Thank you so much for your lovely comments! xx

  31. abosolutely gorgeous! I love the first picture/outfit (after the skirt close-ups)

    Have a great day

    The Stylish Wanderer

  32. hello there! i'm back haha... and sun-kissed and broke and all that.
    and what a lovely post i come back to!
    that skirt is just amazing.
    and it is even more amazing when you wear it as a dress.
    just wow... it is incredible! the beading and the embellishment is just stunning.
    and red is such a great colour on you! and that red is so rich. the detail shots you posted are so fabulous. wow wow wow.

    and i love your wedding shoes.. :D

    thanks for your comments while i've been away, isn't that alice in wonderland ed intriguing..i love it, but then there's something a bit off about it at the same time.
    but yes, olivier... MMMMMM!!!! simply lovely.

    and oh, the belinda store in the mlc centre is my new home. seriously. i never want to leave.
    i will become like the old lady who lived in a shoe, but instead of a shoe it will be the roksanda ilincic coat.

    i feel bad too when i try on things i know i won't buy, and the SA's try very hard to coerce me into it, and i know that it will never happen.
    but then i think, the clothes are just so damn pretty!
    hope you are well!
    it's so good to be back. :D

  33. What an amzing skirt! The detail and colour is so rich, perfect.
    I love the way you wore this in the first pic, it makes a great halter dress.

  34. beautiful skirt! like it re-purposed as dress and even more so as skirt with the tank top.
    gorgeous! lovely blog.

  35. Wow! That dress is incredibly gorgeous :O I love it

  36. Thanks miss_red!

    cappuccinob - Cool! Have linked you! :)

    THE HOUSE OF STYLE - Thank you so much Marian!

    WendyB - Thanks Wendy! they're so comfy too!

    chocandcinnamon - Thanks!

  37. wow that skirt is amazing! it's SO versatile!

  38. Great finds..! These vintage wedding skirts are simply gorgeous.

  39. Gorgeous skirt and looks.
    I don't understand how you pulled of the halter style though in the first shot??? Was it a tie string waist, but the V cut is baffling me?

  40. Thanks stefanie & Naima!

    Sal - Thanks! Yes, the skirt is a drawstring/tie waist. Normally the skirt would not have the 'V', instead of tying it around the neck, you would tie the strings together at the waist, so that the ends are level with each other (and sit flat, closing the 'v'). Hope that makes some sense...If not, let me know ;)

  41. I have been searching through your blog and I want... excuse me...I need those harlem black pants. (I can't find them on the internet--any help)

    Keep up the bloggin..your doing greattT!

  42. Hi Nay/Kristina - Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

    With regards to the harem pants, I'm afraid I don't know where you can find these pants still, they have sold out everywhere I know (so sorry!), a friend of mine has also been looking for it, to no avail :( If I come across it I will let you know asap ;) Sorry I'm no help this time.

    PS. Several stores might have similar pants to these though, so it's worth keeping a lookout...

  43. zara??? really???????? amazing!!!

  44. Wonderful! I love how it looks when you wear it as a long skirt with a simple tanktop.

    Cute blog you've got here btw :)

  45. Found you via Capture the Castle...
    I really love the skirt with the gray tank. A great mix of high and low.

    PS: I love GG too. I'm in your age bracket as well. Who cares!

  46. ryder - Haha, yes, I agree...amazing I found it in Zara! But as it wasn't actually a Zara design/manufacture, so not as mind-boggling as I initially thought :)

    Camilla - Thank you so much!

    prettyfantastic - Hooray! I'm sure there are more of us out there :)

  47. i dont know why i left a comment here, but everytime it's gone?!? anyway, just like to say, i love all your entries. thanks

  48. You are a fashion genius and I salute you! I've got a few of these skirts, but hardly wear them as I'm worried about dirtying the hems. Problem solved!

  49. I have done that to skirt too somtetimes.

    Great blog!!!!

  50. Thanks chrysanthemum, arethusa & t! :)

  51. Hi there,

    You have a nice blog. I truly enjoy reading it.

    How did you make the 'V' in the first pic? Did you pin the fabric together? I come from Malaysia (but reside in T.O now) and funnily I've never actually noticed that Indian wedding skirts were pretty until you wore it!!! hahah :D

    Ima dreaming of the dresses and shoes you have, hoping one day I'll afford a few of them (yea... dreaming on). ;-)

  52. Evie - Thx for your lovely comment! :) As I wrote in response to a similar question above, the skirt is a drawstring/tie waist. Normally the skirt would not have the 'V', instead of tying it around the neck, you would tie the strings together at the waist, so that the ends are level with each other (and sit flat, closing the 'v'). That sounds utterly confusing, I may have to take pictures perhaps...But nope, didn't pin the fabric together at all.

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    thanks for sharing.

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