Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dries Van Noten Fall Winter 2009

DVN FW2009 collection

I know this was shown quite some time ago, but I need time to 'digest' all the incredible collections shown at the various 'Fashion Week'.  

Dries Van Noten's latest collection required extra time for me to 'digest', as I wasn't sure about my thoughts on it at first...There were a few pieces that seemed unflattering even on the model...what chance would us mere mortals have, I wondered?  However, there was SO much to love about this collection:

* Beautiful & rich warm palette (from soft nude to rich jewel tones)
*Fabrics that scream luxury in a subtle way (oxymoron?)
* Klimt'esque prints (Klimt being one of my favourite artists)
* Quite a bit of soft pinks teamed with greys
*Exquisite details, such as the feather-like detail on the camel/nude coats/jackets, and amazing sequined skirts and blazers
* Knit neckpieces, that make me wish even harder that I could knit
*Simple & beautifully/expertly cut dresses & 'robes'
* Texture (of all sorts! leather, languid silks, soft wools...)

Here are some of my favourite pieces:







  1. Soooo beautiful! Totally girlie colors with simple style. I love nude pink with grey! :)


  2. love this collection, simple & timeless but with an edge

  3. It is a stunning collection. I would wear almost every piece.

  4. Geeeee I get heart palpitations from looking at it again! ^-^ Aaah....
    I'm going to his sample sale next week, maybe I can get something that fits my wallet ^-^ (Too bad you live so far away, it's from 22-26 of april in Antwerp...)
    Hope you had a happy Easter!

  5. Oh PS! thanks for all the Paris tips! I'll keep them in mind! ^-^
    And what I wanted to ask, in Hotel Costes, I've been there with my mum but they were really rude there, we left immediately... Were they nice to you? Maybe they just didn't like us haha ^-^

  6. A brilliant collection!

    I have just started my own blog about Melb fashion and would love you to check it out and maybe swap links?

    Have fun,


  7. I quite agree with you about digesting collections. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with so many shows at once that I can hate an entire show for one piece that rubs me the wrong way!
    I love the off-tone color palette and the retro vibe of the styling.

  8. Oh my. I love those frilly details on the jackets and the blouses. I wonder how they were made? They must be very pricey indeed :)

  9. LIndo!
    Amei a jaqueta com o cinto!
    Sobre digerir idéias, super importante!
    Os desfiles são muitos e não dá tempo de observar tudo...tem que ser feito aos poucos :)

    Mil beijinhos!

  10. I really enjoyed her collection also. The drapery and the detailing is gorgeous but her pieces retain that timeless appeal to them too! :)

    Amazing! :)

  11. maybe dries is one of those things that look better off the runway. you make dries look so appealing, but just looking at the runway pictures it wouldnt hold my attention.
    but i will say, the long silk dress with the v back are beautiful.

  12. That plain black dress is to die for!!

    La C.

  13. it's a gorgeous collection - i need those slouchy peachy pink trousers and that sequined skirt right about....now. please.

    every piece has this wearable ease about it. so talented - - - must be why the line is so successful these days, ha

  14. I really love some of these x Sushi

  15. This is a stunning collection and such an appealling palette, all my favourite colours. Love those Harem pants on you Brigs, they're just the perfect length and fall. Let me know when you're done with them ;)

  16. I need a pair of those harem pants!

    And the top in my latest post is Stella McCartney; I think it might still be up on net-a-porter!

    La C.

  17. That knotted necklace is unbelievable. I must find one now.

    Also love the fluff-jacket!

  18. Such amazing details! Gorgeous post!


  19. so nice to see this again, after, what, all of a few weeks?!
    i even love the hair do's. i wanted to have my hair like this for my wedding but was worried my hairdresser wouldn't pull it off and i'd look like i just got out of bed!

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  21. Love the black dress with the grey squares on it (3rd to last!) just extra cool!