Monday, May 31, 2010

Recent Buys: Dries Van Noten, Chloe, YSL, Givenchy & Tomas Maier

In my last 'Recent Buys' post, I mentioned that I thought I would not be able/inclined to shop much once lil' Brigadeiro arrived, shame on me, I was wrong
...Whilst twiddling my thumbs waiting for her to arrive, and since then (waking up at various times in the morning to feed her - browsing the net with one hand), I have managed to 'kill some time' with one of my favourite pasttimes...

Dries Van Noten

The cut on the dress on the left is brilliant, wish I had purchased it earlier, as I was able to wear it (in my original pre-weight gain size) even on the night I went into the hospital, with a 10 month belly!


I have searched for this Chloe silk top for many many years, love the draping & cut of the sleeves by Stella McCartney (ah, Chloe's glory days).

The silk & leather embroidered wedges by Dries Van Noten are a work of art, I wore these 2 days before I went into hospital with my Roksanda Ilincic silk black & peach/nude draped dress to my brother-in-law's wedding. I will try to take pictures of the incredibly embroidery on these to share...

Tomas Maier

It is true, trying to dress whilst 'nursing' is even harder than harder than trying to dress whilst pregnant; when I saw this jersey dress by Tomas Maier (love his work at Bottega Veneta), I loved the draping, the nude colour and its practicality:


I have yearned for these booties for quite some time, please excuse the many runway shots, I am keeping them here for my own reference for outfit inspiration...

Yves Saint Laurent

Eeps! More booties! I was always undecided on the YSL Tribute pumps, as I have always liked them, but wondered if they were a little too stripper-ish...I finally decided they were not:

TOV dress

Thanks to The Glamourai, I found this fabulous dress, with its beautiful draping & cut, and most importantly, front buttons (for easy 'nursing' fashion). When I saw it on her blog, I simply had to get it, I do not usually buy something after seeing it on a blog, but this was perfect for my needs...

I have not had the chance to take an outfit shot, plus Kelly is a much better model than I am:

click to enlarge


  1. I love these heels so beautiful. My god..

  2. Oh I love The Glamourai. Great purchases and you are one Hot Mama. Love the Dries shoes but not as much as that beautiful baby. When mini B is bigger you will have to show us her wardrobe too.
    Hope you are getting some rest
    Demanding Anon x

  3. I love that dress! I'm not familiar with The Glamourai - do you know where/if the dress can still be purchased?

  4. Wow, lovely dress!!! And where did you find these gorgeous YSL booties - I was sure they were completely sold out?

  5. They all look like such beautiful buys!

  6. Congrats on all your very beautiful finds!! Very lovely dress and I'm curious how you'll going to combine it as your sense of fashion is truly unique and F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!!! Just saw these Givenchys yesterday in a US or UK fashion mag for May or June (ah, the age....) and thought, wow - these are fantastic - and here we go on your blog!! :)

    See Lil B. the sweet beauty is developing very excellent!! :-D She's so lovely! And you're looking so very proud and happy! Perfect picture!
    much love, sofie

  7. Hey! just discovered your blog, I'm still browsing through your posts...I like it so far ;)
    In this post I loved the first two dresses (esp the one on the right)...

  8. I always love your choice of clothes! Also , loving that pic of you.

  9. Hey, first time visiting your blog and lovin´it!
    E que nome mais sugestivo...yummy!!! Sou brasileira, morei em Queenstown (NZL) e agora moro na Argentina!

  10. You look adorable with your little one.
    ps. i am thinking of purchasing a chanel reissue when i go to europe this month. Would you know approx. how much i can expect to pay? ive heard all sorts of prices. thanks

  11. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

    Kate - I'm afraid the TOV dress has sold out in all sizes. I was sad about that because mine had a fault/split in the sleeve and I wanted to exchange it, but there were none left! But I loved it so much I kept it and tried to mend it myself (did not work, so will have to take it to someone who has better sewing skills than I).

    Kasia/Anonymous - thanks to the powers that eBay :)

    katrina - I accidentally saw the Chanel receipt for the bag, and it was AUS$4,700. I don't know how much it'd be in Europe, but I would think it would be cheaper. I suppose it also depends on what size you were after...Hope you have a fantastic time in Europe!


  12. Ameiii seu blog! E me apaixonei pelas fotos do seu filho... uma gracinha!

    Estou seguindo.


  13. That Tomas Maier dress is beautiful x

  14. I love the YSL collection.. amazing.

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  16. Such gorgeous purchys, darling!
    Especially loving that nude dress!

    And your baby is so lovely ~ congrats!


  17. i loved that givenchy colleciton, ever since then i've loved layered necklaces!

  18. I'm a huge fan of your Dries collection. Actually, I started noticing the brand more after following your blog. Where do you usually purchase them? I'm hoping to own my first Dries Van Noten dress in the near future. :D

    Congrats again on your Baby B! Such a cutie.

  19. This dress is super cute!! I love it!

  20. i love the look of
    Yves Saint Laurent

  21. Beautiful things here!

    I didn't visit ur blog so long. sorry for that.
    I didn't know that you have a baby. The baby is absolutely gorgeous. You must be a happiest mom on earth. CONGRATURATION!!!!
    can i kiss your baby, please? just a beautiful thing!


  22. That shirt dress is awesome! Loved it on Glamorai Kelly. Give us a shot of your take on the dress!

  23. Thanks C! Unfortunately if i got the same chanel as you I would use all of my spending money at once. I might see how much the small flap is, or even the camera bag. Definitely going to get some flats though. As you can see im extremely excited. I hope you are doing well!

    take care

  24. Same thing happened to me with the YSL tribute!
    Much blessings to you and your baby!
    mine is coming in 2 weeks!!

  25. You are sneaky putting in the picture of you and the baby at the end of the post. She is beautiful!

  26. First of all congratulations with the baby. She is absolutely adorable.

    Being pregnant myself, I really enjoyed your post on how to dress during pregnancy. Thanks for all the good tips!

    I would love to hear your thoughts on how to dress while nursing. As you say, I think that will be more dificult than dressing while being pregnant, so please, can you offer some advice?

    Finally, I really enjoy reading your blog. I would kill for your wardrobe, and I admire your sense of style.