Monday, May 17, 2010

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 Part 4: Cutting Edge & a touch of Drama

Gail Sorronda

Romance was Born

Renaissance Dinosaur, the title they gave their spring collection, was a crazily, extravagantly crafted excuse to mash together stegosaurus scales and Medici silks. It made for the kind of delirious fashion spectacle that drives audiences mad with glee in the over-heat of the moment, but leaves you wanting in the cold light of day. That’s why a master showman like John Galliano is always so quick to emphasize that underneath his exhibitionistic window-dressing, there are real clothes to be found. (

Dion Lee

Using Rorschach blots as a print, they were almost like florals: a blot printed in an intense violet shade could have been an orchid. The construction of Lee’s garments was equally artful, with seams slashed to create articulated effects that highlighted the movement of the body beneath. (


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  1. ok. i'm in love with the collection of ELLERY!!! some mcqueen influences... dion lee is reminding me of the burberry prorsum 2010 collection in some parts, especially in the last pics....

    how is it going, young mum b? how is the little princess doing?

    much love, s.

  2. What beautiful and unique lines- I adore all from Dion Lee...thanks for sharing!

  3. These pic are amazing not to mention what they're wearing...

  4. Take away the styling from both Romance was born and Ellery you are just left with bad design in horribly tacky fabrics!! Sad but true. Two of the most over hyped labels in this country!!!

  5. Ces photos sont magnifiques, j'adore cette collection.


  6. I love the last silhouette, dark but very delicate, great cutting,
    very minimalist and chic .
    Very inspiring