Friday, May 21, 2010

Two babies in one week: Chanel 2.55 reissue aka Brigadeiro Jr!

Thank you all for your lovely & sweet comments on Lil' Brigadeiro's arrival! She sure has kept me busy the past 2 1/2 weeks, and even though I miss being able to browse my favourite blogs, I cherish every priceless minute with her...

Lil' Brigadeiro's arrival was just under one week before Mother's Day, so this was my first Mother's Day, and my mother's first Mother's Day as a grandmother (she is here visiting from Brazil, and has been an incredible help, especially the last week or two).

As a complete surprise, hubby spoilt me for my first Mother's Day with the most incredible present: a Chanel 2.55 black distressed calfskin reissue with gold hardware. All I kept thinking as I opened my present was (a la Wayne in 'Wayne's World'): "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy"! I have never really been much of a Chanel bag fan, until recent years, when I fell in love with the reissue bag, with its mademoiselle lock (I am not a fan of the interlocked CC's, even though those are my initials, haha) and distressed calfskin (I am also not a fan of the more quilted look of the Classic Chanel bag). Mr Brigadeiro is not usually one to lavish me with clothes/shoes/bags, so I was absolutely floored with this gift, my new baby:

I cannot wait to use my new baby, but am wondering: does anyone know what leather product I can use on Chanel calfskin? I am trying to find a leather protector, cleaner & maybe moisturizer, but am not sure which one to buy. I have heard of 'Loving my Bags', Vectra & 'Applecare'...any tips anyone? Thanks in advance!


  1. Niiiiiicccceeeee.....

    A 2.55 is my next bag purchase! Now I just need to convince Gorilla. ;)

  2. I have a classic quilted 2.55... it is my FAVOURITE fashion item :D congratulations on your bag and more importantly the first Mother's Day celebrations in your family ^^ little Brigadeiro is gorgeous <3

  3. wow two gorgeous babies in deed. big congrats C


  4. Mr. Brigadeiro did good! I too prefer the discreet closure to the CCs.

  5. have you checked out Leather Therapy Cleaner & Restorer? i used to condition both my equestrian show boots AND my 18-lace Docs with it back in the day, with equal success. it manages to keep me from needing to send my items to a leather specialist as often as i normally would, but maybe it's too heavy-duty for such a delicate item? i just know that i only trusted my delicious, expensive show boots with this stuff and it recently repaired (TO LIKE-NEW CONDITIONS, NO JOKE) an incredibly beautiful and costly pair of field boots that were wrongfully collecting dust, dirt, and scuffs on a goodwill floor :)

    it's available at most tack shops or from and here are the boots it recently restored: look at that leather!

    sorry for the long comment. hope that helps!

  6. I love your blog <3
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    Can't wait to hear from you

  7. I love Chanel 2.55 ! Mr Brigadeiro did good indeed !

  8. WOW, that is one truly amazing bag. Congratulations on welcoming Little Brigadeiro! She is sooooo gorgeous and cute.
    Where abouts in Brazil does your mom live? I'm originally from London, but live in Belo Horizonte. :)


    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  10. Wow, a Chanel 2.55 must be the going gift for new mothers in Adelaide! My friend received one last year before the arrival of her little girl. I must start working on my hubby!

  11. Drop dead gorgeous... jealousy to the max!

  12. Your bag is the most beautiful bag in Chanel collection. Congratulations !!!

    May I know what size is your bag? is it 227 ?

  13. your bag is classic! I love chanel!

  14. Congrats to both your babies!!!
    No doubt Brigadeiro Jr is going to grow up to be a stylish and elegant woman just like her mother is.

    That 2.55 reissue has been on my 'want' list forever! It's beautifull!!!

  15. Congratulations Brigadeiro!

    Photos are not loading for me from this computer. Will go home and have a look again.

    So happy for you and Mr B.

    SSG xxx

  16. Happy sweet Monday, Brigadeiro!!!
    Such a beautiful baby and such a beautiful Chanel bag ;)
    I´m sure you are a proud mom! You already look so slim again!!!

    Have a sunny and joyful week with your family ahead!!!

  17. it would probably be best if you call a chanel store and ask them what they recommend you use on their leather goods. this is what i do with regards to the upkeep of my cartier, baume & mercier and patek philippe watches, ask the seller :)

  18. que marido maravilhoso!
    Parabéns B, tenho certeza que vc merece isso e muito mais!
    Todos os meus beijos,

  19. You deserve that pretty Chanel baby - you went through childbirth!
    Demanding Anon x

  20. Happy Belated Mother's Day! So happy about the birth of your baby.

  21. Brig - Congrats on your new Chanel!
    I haven't used any protectants/polishes on my lambskin Chanels, only Applegard cleaner on Caviar Chanels to clean them, with no problems at all.

    I've used Applegard cleaners on my LVs, H and Chanel bags with no problems and Applegard protectant on the vachetta of LV bags.

    I haven't tried any other brands though.

  22. This bag looks soo cute :D



    Balkan Couture

  23. Wow! What a stunner. I like the lack of the CCs.

  24. Congrats on your new 'baby' ! That's the ULTIMATE bag I think! =)

    I use Lovin My Bags products on my Vintage Chanel!
    When you apply the product, it will take the color off a little bit, and put a layer of shine onto the lambskin. But, you need to apply the product regularly as the shine will go away in a month or two...

    I recommend not to use any product on your new bag! It should be fine as it is. And the distressed lambskin is more durable than regular lambskin and appear to be scratch proof!

    Enjoy your new 'baby'... =)

  25. absolutely gorgeous! such a lovely, lovely gift -- so happy you're well xo

  26. Can i know which camera you used for these pics please? Thanks very much :)

    1. Hi Kathy, back then when I took these I used my Nikon D90 DSLR, most likely with my 50mm lens. Hope that helps!