Monday, August 30, 2010

Byron Bay - happy memories always!

I love Byron Bay. I only have fond memories of the place, and it all started in:


I had always planned to go to Brazil for my honeymoon, but when my job at the time would not allow me to take any unpaid leave (I had to beg for 3 days, and was told I was lucky to even be awarded those 3 days off after my wedding - unpaid leave was not awarded unless under 'special circumstances' - call me crazy, but I thought getting married fell under that category). Anyways...since we only had 3 days, we decided to go to Byron Bay. It was my first time there, and although it was the Hinterland (ie. the rainforest/mountainous region) and not Byron Bay was a perfect place to relax:



One year later my little sister was visiting from London, and hoping for some beach & sunshine. We decided to go to Byron Bay, unfortunately there was a lot of rain, but we did manage to soak a few rays of sunshine, and had a ball.

At my favourite beach in Byron Bay - Watego's - it is the same beach we return to every year

At my favourite Japanese restaurant in Byron - Kinoko
wearing: Topshop maxi dress & Rosa Cha bikini

PS. IndiaFrancis (aka Demanding Anon), it was during this trip that I went to Bangalow (that you recommended I visit), love that cute little town! (It was where I found the dress I wore in this post.)


In the middle of the year, hubby & I decided to return to Byron Bay to escape the cold winter and celebrate my birthday. We stayed in a cute place overlooking the river, and it was absolutely beautiful & relaxing:

The best gelati in town...I have it everytime I come to Byron Bay, and this last trip, had it 4 times!


We returned to Byron Bay when hubby needed to take a break from his studies last year. Sadly, we forgot our camera!


Some things have changed since I first came to Byron Bay: upgraded cameras, gained a lot of weight (boo hoo!), but most importantly: added a new member to our family!

Wearing: hat I purchased at a chemist/pharmacy in Byron Bay
Tiffany & Co aviator sunglasses
Dress: purchased in Phuket, Thailand 3 years ago
Bikini: Jets by Jessika Allen (purchased at Byron Bay 2 years ago)

We only ate out for dinner once, at Cyprus Tree, a Cypriate restaurant we have dined at twice before. It is a lovely place...I was quite sad to find that my favourite Italian restaurant, Pasquale, had closed down since last year.

Pasta with meatballs, fetta & tomato

Klefthico - slow roasted goat with potatoes

Haloumi - yum!


Chargrilled calamari

One thing remains the same: Byron Bay is the 'go-to' place for sun, fun and relaxation...


  1. That food looks sooo delicious! Love haloumi :) And baby is beyond adorable x

  2. It's awesome that you have a special place like this one. Baby is totally cute.

  3. It all looks so beautiful. Baby Briggy is so cute! I can't get enough of the chub cheeks. :)

  4. I adore Byron and how lovely to see your post. Wategos is my favourite too - I had my wedding reception at Raes. So glad to hear you like Bangalow too.

    Don't beat yourself up about your weight - you look beautiful and you just had a baby.

    Baby BB is getting so big.
    That Topshop dress is fab by the way.

    Now to get you that job at Conde Nast Traveller

    India Francis (D.A x)

  5. Cute baby pics! You're making me want to have one.

    I was wondering if you or your husband feel uneasy taking the pics. I'm a foodie too and try to take shots of what I've ordered but kind of hard to be sneaky with a dslr carmera.

  6. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone!

    Pret a Porter P - I hated having my cheeks pinched when I was little, but I must admit I can no longer resist, now pinch those cheeks...

    India - sadly, I gained 2/3 of my weight before the pregnancy! Oh my! Raes! I always wondered what it's like inside! You must have had an absolutely beautiful your family memories at Byron Bay are even fonder than mine! ;)

    Deney - I use a DSLR camera too, but no longer feel uneasy taking pics...hubby does though (or gets impatient when I'm photographing the food and he is hungry, haha).


  7. This post is really beautiful, showing the passage of time.

    Maybe u could make this trip a yearly treat and then with all the photos u you and husband and bubs, u could turn it into a kind of Byron Bay "Diary" to give to your child(ren) when they are older.

    P.S- i also love Byron Bay!

  8. awesome pictures, so jealous.

  9. Gabriella - funnily, it turns out we have been going every year, and is becoming a tradition :)

  10. Byron Bay seems to be such a wonderful place !
    The pictures of you and Lil J. are so cute !
    Your hat is very chic.

  11. Aww such a nice post and the way it ended! I'd love to visit Byron Bay

  12. Also don't think I've got around to saying congratulations on the birth of baby brigadeiro yet. Little J is beautiful and you look so happy.

    & I have to mention that I love the shoes in the post above this one!

    Mathilde x

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