Friday, March 5, 2010

Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010: Pt 1 - Dries Van Noten Je T'aime!

Fashion weeks must seem like revolving doors to fashionistas! With London Fashion Week just recently finished, it is now onto the last leg: Paris Fashion Week - the Crème de la Crème. So with that in mind, I thought I'd start with my favourite designer, not only does he and his collection deserve a post on its own, it was very hard to try to edit the collection here:

Dries Van Noten

Dries combined military inspiration (in the form of army-green cotton) and menswear tailoring with 1940s/50s haute couture (Christian Dior's 'New Look') hand-painted, floral silk for a brilliant 'I want one of everything' collection complete with sweatshirting thrown in for good measure.

Most of his looks had a casual-dressy vibe to them, as if these were just fashionistas walking down the streets of Paris and 'just threw this on'...In almost every outfit, there was a juxtaposition of something dressy with something casual.

Military shirts, in khaki, were worn with extravagant, full, skirts just covering the knee, hand-painted in shocking pink and violet over floral prints, with rustling petticoats underneath. Grey sweatshirt top worn with a rich brocade skirt, one of my favourite looks - every piece was integrated in a simple, wearable way:

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  1. Just found you. Love Dries. The purple skirt with the olive top are wonderful, aren't they? Come over to visit me someday. We like the same things I think. xx's Marsha in Texas

  2. Beautiful lines, wonderful blend of colors and textures!

  3. I also love Dries' new collection. Thanks for posting . . .

  4. love, love, love this collection! the layering and the juxtaposition are intriguing.


  5. Oh my goodness YES. Those bright prints. Those longer hemlines... I'm feeling it.

  6. if i was in business, i would dress in van noten.

    most definetely.


  7. Happy friday, Brigadeiro.

    I remember the fact you are a "DRIES VAN NOTEN-LOVER" ;)
    My fav look is the long purple skirt with the olive green sweater!!

    Have a beautiful weekend ahead filled with loots of sunny moments!

  8. Nice post, the coats are fantastic! I adore your blog and I love brigadeiro too. I'm Brazilian raised too :P

  9. P.S I am following you now :)

  10. there is this coat from last season from dries that i was in love with! but was sold out. arrghhhh!
    i wasnt much of a fan for the army green untill now! .... great use of that color.

    dries is my current hero! hahaha

  11. Amei dries van noten, simples, chic, classica e superfeminina!


  12. he did such an amazing collection this year!
    loved most all of it!
    one of the best shows of the week!

  13. DRIES, DRIES DRIES!!!! cant get enough of it! you couldn't have reviewed it better, i feel exactly the same way - especially the casual, dressy fashionista thing going on. they look like they've just stepped out of a sartorialist photo. :)