Thursday, December 1, 2011

Marni and H&M - waiting for 8th March 2012!

I must admit I was not remotely interested in the Versace and H&M collaboration, but when I heard/read that Marni was collaborating with H&M for a Spring 2012 collection, my ears/eyes sure perked up. Due in stores next year, 8th of March 2012 in 250 stores worldwide, I sure hope I am somehow able to get my hands on some of the pieces I spotted in the video below ('somehow' because there is no H&M here Down Under):

pics via

I love the sweater Marni, I mean, Consuela Castiglioni is wearing in this video, and also one of the dresses worn by the model:

PS. Can anyone else believe it is the 1st of December? Where HAS this year gone?


  1. What I love the most, has to be the prints and patterns. Chic and classy. Very excited for this collection

    Eda ♥

  2. Every piece looks gorgeous! I will definitely be going to get me some Marni. I went to the Versace release and it was a pleasant surprise to find some 100% Silk pieces, with impeccable construction. I hope they do the same with this collaboration.

  3. so excited! it will be an amazing collab!

  4. Oh my goodness... I need to move somewhere there is an H&M asap! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think I really gonna love this collection!
    It's going to be very classy!

    Blog of the Vintage and Fairy Tale Magazine Style Hunter Mag

  6. Adorei o seu blog, eu tambem nasci no Brasil mas moro na Italia e tenho um blog de moda aqui :


  7. the patterns look really ineteresting, well can't wait for next year! :)


  8. Awsome collection, love the last post.
    i'm following :)

  9. I had told myself not to get anything from the H&M designer collections anymore since the quality of the clothes always disappoints me (the pictures look so nice but when you see the garments IRL, you can instantly tell they're, well... not the real thing), BUT, might make an exception for Marni ;)

  10. Oi! Tomara que vc entenda meu português!
    Descobri seu blog e estou amando!
    Tira uma duvida? Vc citou uma loja chamada "Elaine curtis", queria saber se êh confiável pra comprar online? E a Revólver Clothing? Tb êh?
    Obrigada! E parabéns!

  11. Oi Cynthia!


    Nao comprei de 'Elaine Curtis' antes, mas acho que deve ser uma loja confiável. Ja comprei de Revólver Clothing, e êh confiável ;)

    Boa sorte!


  12. amazing post! cant wait either

  13. I can´t wait to see the Marni collection at H&M. The hat is really cute!!!
    Happy 3rd Advent weekend to you!