Monday, February 20, 2012

At the Scanlan & Theodore store launch

Apologies for interrupting the 'NYFW series', but I thought I'd share with you all an event I attended late last week.

For years I lamented the lack of a Scanlan & Theodore store here, as it was always one of my favourites to visit whenever I went interstate. When I found out it was coming, and moving in to where one of my favourite stores used to be (Francesca's), I was super excited (almost enough to make up for the fact that Francesca's was gone - the store I first spotted my Akira Isogawa wedding dress at, and where I often shopped for Kirrily Johnston, Akira and more...)

Even though the Scanlan & Theodore store opened in Adelaide one year ago, the official store launch was only held last week. Actually, in addition to a belated store launch, it was also an event to celebrate S&T's 25th year.

Three hundred of Adelaide’s most stylish elite (and somehow, I snuck in to the event) attended the event, and were the first to see the new Autumn Winter 2012 collection presented on models in a salon store presentation, with flocking, sequins, feathers, leather, silk, cashmere and laser cut fabrics highlighting texture and allowing for contemporary eclecticism. I spotted several fashionistas shopping during the event (perhaps they had tried on the pieces beforehand?)

Apologies in advance for the poor-quality pictures. I had intended to bring my camera and decided to leave it in the car when I noticed no one else entering the launch seemed to have one. Once there I snapped some quick photos with my can probably spot the 4 'official' pictures, due to their 'slightly' (read: much) better quality photos:

Model Emilia Scuza wearing new season Scanlan & Theodore *

What I wore: Dries Van Noten silk wedges and silk dress I bought in my most recent trip to Malaysia mid-last year.

Models in new season Scanlan & Theodore

My original intended Erdem outfit made me look like a big floral sausage/ball with my 7 month pregnant belly, so I had to rethink my wardrobe pick. Lil' Brigs decided to sneak into the photo too...I must take proper pics of this dress to show you all, I love the batik print on the flowy silk...I wore it with my Benah Kodi cuff in black, Chanel black reissue bag, and Dries Van Noten painterly silk semi-wedges.

I loved these leather tops at Scanlan & Theodore, shame I it'd be hard to squeeze into them for another 3 months or so...wonder what my chances are of them being there still say, in May/June?

Love that fluoro yellow satchel (Cambridge Satchel Company, I assume)? Cool blazer/cape too! *

Loved these red pants! Ah, just found out she's Jamie Lee, a 'Australian Next Top Model' finalist. *


Ah, the goodie bags! Loved the baby wool knit they gave (lucky) us, in striped black and purple. We will be playing 'Where's Wally' to spot who attended this function when we see others donning this same sweater. I love Scanlan & Theodore knits, my very first S&T purchase was a chocolate brown baby wool knit, and I think I almost cried when moths got to them...

A free knit, yummy nibbles, a glass of Moet & Chandon and good company, ah...all in a 'day's work'...

n.b. * Official photos via EVHPR, the others courtesy of my iPhone.


  1. A free knit - lucky you indeed! Believe it or not I still haven't managed to drag my bottom there!

    Ps I had no idea you were pregnant again. Congratulations! x

  2. Lovely blog!