Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 Pt 1: Dries Van Noten

The new Blogger is still driving me nuts, apologies for the bad layout of the pics below.  Apologies also for going MIA for so long.  I have finally 'surface' from my work for Issue 5 of Peut-Etre, and am incredibly excited about it, can't wait to share more with you all when the time comes!  At last...I get to post about Dries' SS'13 collection.  

Plaid! Ok, so I must admit I am a big closet plaid fan...and Dries managed to make this mannish fabric so ultra feminine! Master of mixology, he mixed the prints up brilliantly! Some pieces I liked more for the fabric or print rather than the shape, and vice-versa. Needless to say, I absolutely LOVED this collection!


  1. Totally agreed.
    I love the mix of plaid and florals. Didn't think plaid could be done in such a chic way!
    One of my favourites of the FW season.

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