Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yasmin Sewell - The Girl from Oz Pt 7 (at the SS'13 Fashion Weeks)

The new Blogger continues to exasperate me, and is seriously impeding my ability to post! I must be the only technically challenged blogger out there, and I am not usually that technically challenged!  Anyway, I was already in awe of Yasmin Sewell's style, but am more so now that she is a new mom.  One of my favourite looks she wore is that billowy green blouse, absolutely stunning!


  1. Such effortless style! I admire mum's who manage to still exude incredible style and attitude whilst running about with kids in tow. Mira Duma is another mum i'm constantly stalking lol.

    K xx

  2. Love her style, always so damn cool.

  3. love her!!!