Thursday, June 6, 2013

Packing re-visited (just thinking out loud)

How time flies! With only 3 weeks 'til I'm on a plane bound to Paris (via 2 day stopover in London to visit my gorgeous little sister), I really need to start narrowing down my options on what I'll be packing! Remember this previous post? I've managed to remove a few options, but have introduced a few others. 

On my shopping wishlist: 

1.  replace jeans with smaller size (sadly I bought my favourite jeans a little too big, and now they are quite big, am struggling finding the exact wash/style in a smaller size)
2. removed black silk joggers, as I realized that they too look too baggy (and therefore, daggy)
3. black blazer - not too tailored, not too oversized, not too heavy
4.  get another pair of Zara skorts in white
5. I like my Isabel Marant Dicker boots (in Anthracite) a lot, but would really like a grey pair for Paris/Summer - so until I find them, they're on my packing list, and should I manage to find a grey pair, they'll come with me instead.
6. buy new bathers - I have my eye on this Seafolly swimsuit
7. also would like some denim shorts...

To do list:

1. Narrow down dresses
2. finalize/narrow down tops
3. well, finalize everything!

Packing (as of 6.5.13)


  1. I like your choice of necklace and MMM heels. I see the Bonjour top didn't make the cut ;P

    1. Am not sure about the 'Bonjour' top, hehe. Even Mr Brigs laughed at my 'corny-ness'! Which made me pause for a second, so it's on the 'thinking' list... :)

  2. Wow that's a LOT of stuff you'd be carting around...won't you be shopping in London and Paris? I doubt that you won't. I would halve the items that you're planning to pack to make room for your haul.

    1. Oh, the 2nd set isn't everything I'm bringing, it's what I need to narrow down from, there are a few items that aren't on the set (like my Suno playsuit), and it includes what I plan to use as PJ's. But no, not bringing all those shoes or tops or dresses...