Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Recent buy: Willow cotton gauze gather shirt and dress: seeing double?

I did not intend to go shopping today.  But whilst in town running errands with Lil' Brigs #2, I walked through a department store and spotted the Willow cotton gauze gather dress and shirt, and wasn't sure which to get (well, I was pretty certain about the shirt, but was feeling silly/guilty about getting the dress as well).  As Lil' Brigs #2 started getting more and more vocal about being stuck in a pram, guess which one I bought?

Yes, you guessed it, both:

Well, the fact that they were reduced shouldn't play into the fact that I bought them both (am upset to later find the dress is $10 less at the Willow store! I know it's 'only' $10, but still...).  I bought them because I found the shirt would be so easy to throw on with shorts or jeans, or dressy pants or pencil skirt.  The shirt dress was such an easy one-piece outfit...I thought they'd go with a pair of ankle boots, with flat sandals or even Isabel Marant sneakers/Dicker boots.  Well, that was my rationale anyway.

Ok, confession time.  This purchase is just one of many of items that I've duplicated (or in some case more than duplicated) in different colours, or sizes, or in this case, lengths...

My sisters make fun of me regarding this and my indecisiveness...

Gucci by Tom Ford studded pumps
Seeing double

Just a few of the items in my wardrobe in two colours *gulp*
Stella McCartney pumps

Please tell me I'm not the only one with this 'problem'?

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  1. I do it too, especially with shoes and sweaters, I'll buy it in as many colors as I think I'll wear. I have the same exact pair of flats in 5 colors; peep toe pumps in 2; Boyfriend sweaters in 4 (2 cotton, 2 wool); Norma Kamali cocoon sweater in 2; belts in 3 (the 3rd is a skinny version of the other 2).

    I'm drooling over your cream TF/Gucci pumps. They look absolutely delicious. And your rosette dress is beautiful too. Don't you have a grey version too?

  2. This post makes me feel more normal! It's so good to see that you do this too. Let's face it, some items it's far too tough a choice to choose and when both options go with so much, well it just seems like the 'sensible' thing to do no? Your latest Willow buys are gorgeous and you are so right that they will go with so much! I'm swooning over your Tom Ford pumps and that pink pair of Stella's.... Ah they are too fab!

    - Mandi