Saturday, June 8, 2013

What I wore today: Lover Temple Fleece Hoodie and sneakers x 2 (via Nike and Isabel Marant Bobby)

Take a super snuggly hoodie sweatshirt dress (aka. Lover Temple Fleece Hoodie):
Add a pair of Nike sneakers to run some errands (which included a trip to the cobblers to have my Isabel Marant Dicker boots' heel fixed, and topy-soled, and pick up my newly topy-soled Chloe Susanna's from the cobbler, better late than ever):
Later changed from sneakers to...another pair of sneakers (Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers) for a 'trip' to the playground with Lil' Brigs #1&2 and Mr Brigs, followed by dinner:

Ah...gotta love lazy weekends!

Hope you are enjoying yours!


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