Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Christine Centenera Pt 4 - Aussie Aussie Aussie! The day CC (me) saw CC (Christine Centenera) outside CC (Coco Chanel) Couture show during Paris Couture Week

I know I am months behind with this post.  I cannot believe NYFW is already almost over and I haven't even posted a single photo of Paris Couture week!  I still haven't reacquired Photoshop, so I just 'shrank' my photos on iPhoto, better late than never, right?

I thought I'd start with the second day of Paris Couture week, which started with the Chanel Couture show at the Grand Palais.  Seeing fashionistas and Fashion Editors I had only seen in magazines and online previously in the flesh, was like seeing my 'rock stars', I was 'fashion struck', haha.  Mr Brigs was with me, and when Christine Centenera came out, I asked him: Oh my goodness, do you know who that was?  I was referring to the fact that we had chatted to her brother and sister-in-law at a friend's wedding not too long ago, but he said: "yeah! That girl from the Les Mis movie!" (he was referring to Samantha Banks as Eponine, hahaha!)

Anyway, how gorgeous is Christine's Burberry Prorsum coat, and gorgeous outfit under it? The simple white tee, the beautifully cut and detailed leather skirt, and those heels!

More pics of Paris Couture week to come, so watch this space...

all pics my own

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  1. She is perfection. I love it all .. the coat, the skirt and those heels. Even the white tee is just right!

  2. Love her jacket - esp the Heart shaped polka prints ;)

  3. Her heels really are just perfection aren't they? Do you know who they're by?

  4. You did so well to some what contain your excitment. I would have been the same all hyped up seeing Christina. She is absolutely Australian fashion royalty! You took amazing pics too.

    Oh a head up for those that are interested, the leather skirt is Balenciaga and the heels are Alaia. My god... I spend far too much time on shopping sites to know that! Lol.

    x Mandi

    1. I know, it was so surreal, Emanuelle Alt, Carolina Issa, Christine Centenera, Susie Bubble, Barbara Martelo...I couldn't believe it.

      Oh, and thanks for enlightening us as to Christine Centenera's outfit, great job! ;)


  5. She looks gorgeous I love how she makes everything look so damn effortless

    Indulgera Blog

  6. AHh she's always amazing. Loving the coat. I probably would have tried to grab it off her xx