Monday, September 23, 2013

Susie Bubble Fashion Weeks Street Style - dancing to the beat of her own music Pt 3 - my pics of her outside Chanel Haute Couture

I have been following Susie Bubble for the longest time, including when she was posting pictures on MyStyleDiary (before she was THE Susie Bubble).  Back in the day she also used to comment here, and even wrote to me a couple of times.  So I was particularly tickled to see her outside Chanel's Couture show during Paris Couture Week, especially since she was wearing the Dries Van Noten skirt she had blogged about a month or so earlier, and that I had actually seen in Dries' flagship store the day before (in all its beaded/embroidered glory - sadly, the 36 was the only size missing on the racks, which was slightly on sale too).  I was just about to muster the courage to go up and say hi, when I heard my name being none other than Peut-être magazine photographer/creative-director/editor-in-chief Nathalie Malric, whom I was there to meet.  Susie, maybe next time?

all pics my own

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  1. Great use of the color blue! She has such a cool style.

  2. I love Susie Bubble she is so outrageously cool with her dressing and totally unique. You have some killer photo's. Talk about spotting some of the big fashion insiders!

    x Mandi