Thursday, September 19, 2013

Emmanuelle Alt and I outside Chanel - Paris Haute Couture Week 2013

Ok, so the title is very slightly misleading, as I'm not actually with Emmanuelle Alt outside Chanel's Paris Couture show, but I did see her, and snapped some pics to share here. I also saw her later in the day, but will save those photos for another post... I was so excited about seeing 'The Alt', I completely didn't realize Barbara Martelo was also in front of me, until I got home and saw her in my pic on the computer screen.

 Chloe by Phoebe Philo dress, Dries Van noten sandals, Helmut Lang blazer, Chanel reissue bag and Ray Ban folding Wayfarer sunglasses

 Wanted to use my Dries Van Noten embellished clutch, but opted for the more practical Chanel reissue, as it was to be a long day...
 sans blazer...

This was a beautiful 'door' outside a very gorgeous (and posh) store...isn't it beautiful?
And there she is...and Barbara Martelo in the red leather pants.
Grabbed some fish tartare after the show, before Stephane Rolland's show
 The Alt
Mr Brigs had some escargots...when in France...

all pics by yours truly

(the blurry one being from my iPhone - my dress in the beautiful apartment in Marais)

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  1. you have a lovely blog <3 this outfit is so cool!!
    kisses ♥

  2. Gorgeous outfit and nice pics of EA. Your tartare looks delish.

    1. It sure was! I ate fish tartare so many times this trip!!!

      Thanks Clancy!