Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Healthy chocolate mousse? Dairy-free, refined sugar free, guilt-free, but so so yummy!

I grew up eating avocados, I think we ate it almost everyday growing up in Brazil.  Even back then in the 80's my mom had heard it was a 'superfood', and she wanted us girls to benefit from all its nutrients.  I must admit I didn't quite like eating it, so we had it with condensed milk,  then blitzed as an avocado smoothie, and when after we got tired of having avocado smoothies, my mom froze them into popsicles.  Fast-forward a few avocado-less years, and I rediscovered it a few years ago.  I had never seen it used as a spread, and when I tried it in a wrap filled with salads and turkey breast, I fell in love.  I love it in salads, but when I heard of it being used in chocolate mousse, I was intrigued yet hesitant, I thought it'd be too clawy, heavy or that it'd taste like avocado instead of chocolate mousse.  I looooooooove chocolate mousse, but have made it maybe once, and as it's not the healthiest of desserts, I don't eat it often.  Now that's about to change.  I finally decided to try my hand at this vegan-friendly (not that I'm vegan, but I love vegan foods too), refined-sugar free (yes!) and nutrient-filled chocolate mousse:

 pic from The Healthy Chef

I adapted (only very slightly) this recipe from Teresa Cutter (aka The Healthy Chef) (I have made several recipes of hers and bookmarked countless more).

Healthy Chocolate Mousse


1/4 cup dark Agave syrup (or honey, or coconut nectar, 4 fresh pitted dates, brown rice syrup or organic maple syrup)
2 ripe avocados (I had the flesh of two avocados in the freezer and only half-thawed them as I wanted my mousse to be an ice cream)
1 tsp vanilla extract (or paste or pods from 1 fresh vanilla bean)
1/2  cup raw cacao powder (you can also use cocoa)
70ml of coconut milk/cream (mine was in the freezer and I partially thawed it, as I wanted it firm and semi-frozen)
Pinch of sea salt and cinnamon


Blitz everything in a food processor until smooth and creamy.
Spoon into a bowl and allow to set in the fridge. (I didn't have to do that because my main ingredients were still half-frozen).

I love mine with raspberries, the acidity cuts through the sweetness, marrying the cacao beautifully!
Teresa's suggestions:
A splash of water or coconut water will make the mousse lighter.
Adding 2 tablespoons melted cacao butter or cold pressed coconut oil will firm up the mousse.

She says the mousse will make a great topping for cakes and cupcakes.



  1. Miam miam!!! Sounds so easy when you write it... wish I had a food processor!

    1. It is so so easy! How about a blender? I even read some people just mashed their avocado and mixed everything together...that'd be the not-so-smooth version :) Yum yum!