Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My trick for breaking in shoes in fast-forward' and painless mode...

It's all about comfort these days, grey marl (or marle) sweatshirt and cashmere...uber comfy!

Remember my recent post when I purchased my Dieppa Restrepo Cali oxfords?  I had heard how notoriously hard/painful they were to break in, but that once they did, they'd be more than worthwhile.  Since it is all about comfort for me nowadays, I can't remember the last time I've had to break in a pair of shoes.  So as soon as it arrived I used a trick I learned several years ago, to fast-forward the process.  So instead of months (yes, I heard some people saying it took them months! Yikes!), it took me less than a couple of hours.  It is nothing new, but I don't think all employ it: it is the hairdryer 'trick':

Simply take your hairdryer, and blow the sections that would rub or are snug from within the shoe (others blow from 20 cms or so away from the outside, but I do from within), for about 2 mins or so, my feet are wide, so I am for where my feet are widest.  Then quickly slip your feet while the shoes are warm with some socks on.  Many use thick socks for initial discomfort that pays off, but I merely used sockettes.  Presto! I wore them around the house for a little while, and very quickly they went from a little-too-snug and stiff to very very comfy, like I've had them for years!

Easy peasy!

I had already bought these half a size smaller than my usual size, on the recommendation of Need Supply Co. (where I bought my shoes from), even though I had heard mixed opinions as to whether they ran big or not (some said not).  I do find these fairly narrow but long (my feet are very wide).  Whenever I first put these on now, they feel narrow for one minute before relaxing into uber comfy shoes.  Needless to say, I have been wearing them almost every day since their arrival!

I'm now eyeing what other colours I should get it in next, haha, black patent?

PS. Remember my post on 'How to wear Oxford shoes' a few years ago? Never say never...

 Watch: Daniel Wellington (available at East Dane (i.e. Shopbop's counterpart), Need Supply Co. and at Selfridges), Madewell 1937 sweatshirt (sold out, I'm afraid), Alexander Wang swing tank cashmere dress (from years ago), Celine knot bracelet, Balenciaga bow ring (available at Matches Fashion), and Sarah & Sebastian line ring next to my wedding/e-ring.
 Glasses from Jimmy Fairly (remember this post?) Dieppa Restrepo Cali Oxfords in Antilop (available from Need Supply Co. and The Dreslyn) and Issue 2 of Peut-être Magazine (Issue 9 is at the printers! We're so excited! Watch this space!)
Dieppa Restrepo Cali Oxfords in Antilop (available from Need Supply Co. and The Dreslyn)

photos via iPhone/Instagram

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  1. I'm skeptical of those DIY, never work for me, it's best I let a cobbler deal with that stuff. That said, I don't tolerate discomfort when it comes to flats, defeats the purpose!

    -ps. did you get any alturzarra/target stuff, the crane sweater & dress reminded me of you.

    1. I used to take mine to the cobbler, and also bought leather stretching spray, bought shoe-stretching 'trees'. But I found this worked better than all of those! From Gucci's to Stella McCartney non-leather shoes even!

      I didn't get the Altuzarra stuff, but those two items you mentioned were my favourite, haha! They don't ship to Australia, but I s'pose I could've used Net-a-Porter and then a mail forwarding company, but didn't love it enough for that (and also, several of the items I liked were polyester :( )

      Did you get anything H?


    2. yup same here. the belt looked junky in pics, ebay prices are going for more than double for vinyl! crazy! and the oxford shirt I wanted was poly, so I skipped it. Wang/H&M doesn't appeal to me either.
      I may check out Helmut Lang/Uniqlo coming out towards the end of the month.