Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Akira 'Jewelled Lace' Dress - An Optical Illusion

Dress: Akira Isogawa
Shoes: Dries Van Noten sandals
Bag: Mulberry Joni in Bottled-Green
Shrug/Shawl: Zambesi silk jersey shrug
Necklace: Witchery
Tom Binns Faux Real

I bought this Akira Isogawa dress online, and hastily read its description, foolishly not paying attention to what was written. The close-up picture was not as clear as the one I took above, and I was under the impression it had a lace/knitted layer above the cotton, with jewels on it (it was called the Jewelled Lace dress!). Although my pictures don't do this dress justice, I was still happy with it (I love that it's so easy to wear), and kept it, and am packing it with me to go to Buenos Aires/Brasil (I leave in 4 days! Hence I apologise for the long gap between this post and the last).

I first saw the Mulberry Joni bag toted around by friend (who has it in the most gorgeously lush chocolate brown). Everytime I saw her I'd feel the incredibly butter-soft leather and coo. I don't usually buy items my friends (or someone I know) have, as I feel guilty. A year or so later, when preparing for a trip to Europe I thought this messenger-style would be perfect for walking around the busier big cities slung across my body to prevent my bag from being stolen, and succumbed to purchasing it. When it arrived I realised it didn't have a zip to close it at the top (defeating its original purpose of being a 'safe' bag), so didn't end up bringing it with me to Europe, haha, silly me! Still, I love it!


These were my first pair of Dries Van Noten shoes, and I still love them so much. So simple & easy-to-wear with a cute metal heel. Dries Van Noten makes such incredible shoes! Don't get me started on the clothes! *sigh*


  1. what an original print for this dress !!! i love the neutral colours and the bag. the shawl and the lovely shoes add to the natural, soft and sensous look of the outfit that is so elegant and seems to be so easy/pleasant to wear.

  2. oi!!! adoro ilusão de ótica! e amei a bolsa! bjs!

  3. I love the bag, what a beautiful shape and colour! It goes beautifully with your dress :)

  4. That is some imrpessive jewelling....

  5. Lovely outfit. I like the bag especially.

  6. so great!

    Is Akira, a design from japan?

    a kiss!!!

  7. Thanks DYDWD, miss_red, susie_bubble & the clothes horse!

    Muito obrigada Claudia!

    Kira - Akira is a designer originally from Japan, but now Australian. He's my favourite Australian designer :) Bjs!

  8. I love everything about this outfit. I have a Mulberry bag too!:
    (I got it for free.)

  9. beautiful dress, also i like the knit you have on.

    great color on the bag too! and also i like how long the strap is

  10. Gorgeous as usual! I absolutely adore your wardrobe. :)

  11. oh wow. what a beautiful beautiful dress! and akira too. god i love his stuff. I think i will pay a visit to his shop when i go window shopping mad tomorrow. (i didn't go today, too tired and too hot hahahaha).

    i just love the pattern on it. I too would have been fooled, but i love the 'jewelled lace' print thing, it's just fabulous, and so lovely. such a statement dress, but not in an outlandish way, you know? . :D

    i love that mulberry bag too, and it's annoying that it has no zip! such a good colour though. I hate it when you buy a bag for a particular purpose and it can't even fill that purpose. Like i have a bag that i wanted to use as a school books tote thing, and then when it came it was revealed that it wouldn't even fit a standard A4 notebook. how is that supposed to work haha?

    i really like mulberry bags though, the roxanne and the bayswater are my favourites. i almost bought a beautiful roxanne in tan leather once, it was on sale, but i passed and bought chanel earrings instead. But now i wish i had bought the bag because it's such a classic and so chic. Still, there's plenty of time for that, isn't there!

    ah you go away so soon! still, it sounds like you will have such a fabulous fabulous time. i'm really jealous, and wish i was going away soon instead of next year.

    Hope you had a great day!


  12. KD - Congrats on winning a free Mulberry! (how did you win it? ) It's gorgeous!

    H of Candid Cool, arline & i.d. - Thank you so much! :)

    hrose - Thanks for your lovely comment! (I always look forward to them). I love the Roxanne in Oak Darwin! My sister has an Emmy (in Oak), and it's incredibly stunning IRL, the leather's just YUM! Chanel earrings! Am very jealous! Are they the interlocking C's? My initials are CC so for someone reason I'd feel silly wearing them, but love them on others! Yes, leaving soon, am SO excited! Must finish packing...

    PS. Look forward to hearing about your mad window shopping ;)

  13. Beautiful dress! It does look like it has a gauzy-like layer on top. It's really pretty.

  14. Girl, you have some really really nice pieces. I'm super jealous!

  15. I like the print on the dress and the accessories you put on are also notably to mention!

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  17. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! Today's my last day at work for 2008 (before I head on my holidays), can't wait for today to be over! Woo hoo!

  18. A bolsa eh linda, e a estampa do vestido tb, e os sapatos..enfim, tudo! haha Bjs!

  19. beautiful bag. i love it. i want it :)

  20. Romeika - Muito obrigada gatinha! ;)

    escritora & D - Thanks! Yeah, I love Mulberry bags, they're gorgeous without being obvious, the leather on this one in particular...just divine! :)

  21. thankyou for all your lovely comments, and i have to reply, so i thought i'd do it here.

    firstly, let me say that you cannot tell me to buy this bag! i have to save up for going away, and if i spend money now then it will defeat all the self restraint that i have tried to have this year.....

    but then, i really really want. It's so beautiful and i love it so much. It feels like a dream on, it's very big, and i need a big bag that i can fit all my stuff into. I just wish i had more money and was a little older and was allowed to spend it on what i want. But at least i have a job now and i can earn money next year, and spend it on whatever i want, hopefully beautiful bags, shoes and of course, clothes... :D

    Let me say that i am living vicariously through you. You're the one with the gorgeous gorgeous clothes, bags and shoes, and you always wear them with such flair. So until i get a large disposable income it shall be me sitting in front of the computer, sighing as i look at all the cool outfits you put together.. like this Akira dress and the mulberry bag. so beautiful!

    secondly, thakoon is really great, his pieces are so well made, i had a look at them in the store even though they were in small small sizes and htye just looked beautiful. I wish i could have tried some of them on, they look like they would really transform an outfit! I am so jealous of you that you have some! And that you've followed him for a while now, it must have been a really interesting journey.

    Okay, now thirdly, I'm so jealous of you and your sisters, i wish i had more, because although i love my little brothers, i'm not as close to them as i am to my sister. Or, perhaps i'm close to them in a different way. Out of the Little WOmen girls i'm definitely Jo. 100% Jo, even the stubborn-ness and the persistency and the making of silly decisions sometimes. The whole writing thing also contributes as well haha. It's the funniest thing my sister is a real Meg as well, and i have a brother who is the biggest Amy, just a guy, although i would never tell him that to his face. I think Beth is the hardest to fully embody, she's just so selfless and giving. She is a wonderful character though.

    I got about 2 chapters into jo's boys, and couldn't finish it. I didn't like it at all, i think it felt a lot like a sequel, which is always a problem for a second book. but it doesn't matter, because i'll always have little women to keep me going. What a truly delightful book. I loved it so much, it was one of the defining moments of my childhood. But i love CHristian Bale as laurie!! each to his own i suppose. I always cried at the end of the movie, in the rain... *sigh* so romantic.

    i can't believe you go so soon! Ah! You will have the best time, i'm sure of it. I know i would if my brothers and sister and I distributed ourselves throughout the world and got together again after a period of separation. I missed my sister so much when she went on her gap year, i don't now how i could cope with a longer separation. And is it summer in Brazil now? or winter... i don't know if it's southern or northern hemisphere.. either way i'm sure you'll get great weather.

    I can't wait till you come back and post all your fabulous buys, pictures of your great christmas and tell us all how amazing it was, and make us all incredibly jealous. And then it will be my turn for a trip overseas in jan! I can't wait. travelling is my drug, it gives me such a hit to get up into the air in a plane.

    Anyway, a nice long comment. You're probably busy packing and getting ready. Have the best time! I hope you have a lovely christmas and even better new year.

    Bon Voyage!

  22. This designer is really amazing and so great that he lives in Australia!

    a kiss girl!

  23. Great accsessories, I love the shoes and the bag.

  24. oh wow you have a tom binns cuff? love it :)

  25. wow the texture of that dress is amazing!
    and i love your cuff- it's so pretty! :)

  26. Boa Viagem querida... se divirta!!!! Nos estamos brincando de pega-pega uma com a outra. XXX

    For Fashion's Sake - Grazi

  27. hi
    im a newbie to your blog and im lovin your sense of style!
    just read thru all your past entries and saw your A-M-A-Z-I-N-G akira wedding dress! hope it's not too rude to ask but what was the approximate price of your akira wedding dress? you definately dont have to give me a set price, id appreciate just an approximate price range.

    ps. have fun on your holiday!
    so jealous! :)

  28. hrose - Thanks posted a quick reply on your gorgeous blog ;)

    kira - Concordo plenamente! Adoro Akira! Bjs!

    coco, stefanie & letslivefast - Thank you so much! I'd love to get another (bigger) Tom Binns...(or maybe an all-clear one)

    Grazi - 1001 obrigados! Ja imprimi suas dicas e esta guardado com meus e-tickets :)

    olivia - Thank you! :)

    I was incredibly surprised to find out that the dress was less than 3 grand, much cheaper than my original Monique L'Huillier Swan Lake dress (which I then sold at a pretty big loss, ah well, I was much happier in the Akira). I still can't believe it, as the price was similar to some of his much simpler RTW (I believe it was meant to be...one day I'll tell the whole story of the 'series of fortunate events') :)

  29. beautiful dress and that bag....lovvvve that colour!!!

  30. Gorgeous outfit. The bag and the dress are simply beautiful and I love how wearable they both look in that photo.

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  32. The idea of the Optical Illusion on the lace of the dress is great for me. It sounds very much interesting that I want to buy one like that also.