Sunday, December 7, 2008

Buenos Aires - Here we come!

Right about now hubby & I should have arrived in Buenos Aires, where we will spend 5 days & 4 nights. I am so excited, and am brushing up on the Spanish I studied for a year 12 years ago (yikes! As if my rusty Portuguese wasn't bad enough...)

Here are some of the things I plan to do whilst in Buenos Aires:
  1. Check out Palermo (markets & area) and Recoleta (markets & area)

  2. High Tea at Hotel Alvear (maybe on the 8th of December, which is hubby's b'day, what better place to have a birthday cake?) - My mother highly recommends doing so, and has 'reminded' me several times to include it in my 'to do list whilst in Buenos Aires'.

  3. Shop down Avenida Alvear - The street is not only famous for the most exclusive representatives of haute couture, but also for old residences and small palaces, and stretches 7 blocks, that's a lot of shopping!

  4. Check out Calle Florida & Galerias Pacifico, Palermo & Palermo Viejo (thanks Grazi for your excellent tips!), where I should find a lot of leathergoods & Argentinian goods/designers.

  5. Markets of San Telmo & Recoleta - thanks to Kira & Claudia for the tips, am looking forward to this, as I love 'feiras', especially when laden with exquisite jewellery.

  6. Watch a Tango (and if possible, try it myself, haha!)

  7. Eat 'carne parillada' (grilled meats) with lots of chimichurri sauce.

  8. Visit Plaza de Mayo (Evita, Evita!)

  9. Explore Recoleta & visit 'El cemiterio' where Evita was buried (sounds morbid, but it I hear it's an incredible place)

  10. Go to Cafe Tortoni - a 150 year old cafe full of history & music.

  11. Visit the incredible colourful arquitecture of El Caminito (in La Boca, where there is also great Tango).

Hasta luego!


  1. oi!!! curta suas férias de montão e depois conta tudo! bjs, querida, e boas festas!!!
    ps. acho que vc vai adorar as feiras de buenos aires... e a av. alvear (so chic!). ah, café tortoni vale a visita, sim - é lindo! see you soon!

  2. hey that was a fun post to read!!

  3. Eso que te diviertas!!

    Te robare algunas cosas de tu wishlist para hacer en BS ahora en enero que me vaya para alla!


  4. Lovely as always!!

    Please make texts bigger...I think I'm getting old and might need glasses--hehe!

    Thank you and have a wonderful holiday!

    Keep us posted!!


  5. ooh let us know how you go with the tango!!

  6. Oh the streets look so colorful! Have fun. :)

  7. am crazily envious! have a BLAST!


  8. Buenos Aires deve ser superinteressante, bem mais do que muitas cidades brasileiras (eh o q eu ouvi da boca de proprios amigos brasileiros), portanto, aproveite bastante a estadia, e tomara q consiga fazer tudo da lista. Bjs!

  9. AH! The colours are beautiful! How I dream of travelling to places with such vistas! Have a great time!

    (don't think I've ever commented here before, or maybe just once, but love your posts and outfits!)

  10. It looks so wonderful and colorful! I hope you have a great time.
    P.S. Thank you so much for the award below. :)

  11. Sounds like alot of fun you'll be having. Hope you'll have a great time over there =)
    Curious, How well can you speak spanish or should I say is it easy to learn? im always hoping to learn it, but im pretty sure I dont have the talent for it... =(

  12. Oh my goodness, I've been wanting to go to Buenos Aires for a long time now! You're so lucky you'll be going there, take lots of and show us, pretty please! :)

    Love the pictures you posted, the colors of the buildings are just magnificant (sp)! :D


  13. I've always wanted to go to Buenos Aires, hope i can make it soon, meanwhile have a lot of fun

  14. Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I had an absolute blast in Buenos Aires, and I did most things on my 'to do list' (not the tango show though, but I am saving that for my last night there, when I leave back to Australia, as I have one more night in Buenos Aires after my 3 1/2 wks in Brasil). I am itching to post about it all, but can't upload my pictures! :( And they're SO cool! Il Caminito was so cute & colourful! Anyway, won't say too much or there won't be much to write about it in my next Buenos Aires post ;)

  15. Shoot! I wish I had read this post earlier! How was tea at the Alvear Palace? Last time I was in Buenos Aires I ate dinner at La Bourgogne (in the basement of the Alvear) and the head chef came out to our table to fix our meal right in front of us.