Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Paraty & Buzios


Paraty is definitely my most favourite town in the world (officially founded in 1667). Located on the coast of Rio de Janeiro (the state, not the city), it boasts incredible colonial & colorful arquitecture, cobblestone-paved streets, amazing boat rides to surrounding islands, cute little street stalls selling inexpensive handmade jewellery, bars with bossa nova & jazz at night... Most of the architecture has not changed in the last 250 years, and is just so incredibly beautiful!


This is a gorgeous painting of Paraty (and yes, it does really look like that!) that I'm 'babysitting' for my parents. Oh dear, just realized my vase is off-centre, eeps! I hope to bring
one back for myself, and that Japanese Brazilian painter Murakami hasn't changed his style too much (my dad recently saw him, and the painter recognised him from almost 20 years back! Apparently he's changed his style of painting, but still produces some like this one, his original style...). The wooden candelabras & vase are mid-century Danish (gifts from my Uncle who is an amazing furniture designer), and the 'filing cabinet' is also mid-century Danish, a Christmas gift I gave hubby last year.


I'm heading to a new place I haven't been before (isn't it funny when you see more of your country after you've left it?). Buzios, also located on the coast of Rio de Janeiro state it boasts 20 magnificent beaches and crystal-clear waters & rustic charm. I can't wait to discover it!


  1. oi! duas maravilhosas cidades - adoro!!! bjs e boas festas!

  2. I'm so glad you're having a fun - and well-deserved - holiday! Have a lovely Christmas & New Year's! xx

  3. i want to cry, i wish i was in brazil!!!!

  4. I just returned from Buzios. Heaven! The crepes at Chez Michou are amazing! Feliz Ano Novo!

  5. what did you think of Buzios finally? i am going there in exactly ONE MONTH =D

    1. Hi Madinat,

      To be completely honest, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I would blame that on the fact that the weather was grey/cloudy/a bit wet, and also the fact that it was sort of the 'Ibiza' of Brazil. So if you're young, into crowds/party vibe/partying it's great for you (my sisters loved it, I'm a bit of a homebody). Still, the place itself is gorgeous, and plenty fun. Trendy little stores and fancy restaurants. They even had Osklen there, I remember, so definitely a poshy kind of place. I went in peak season though, hence the crowds, hopefully it won't be as packed when you go. I'm sure you'll have a blast!