Thursday, December 4, 2008

Obrigada e Ate Logo!

Muito obrigada (thank you very much)!

I recently received two 'blog awards' from two incredible bloggers, and feel totally unworthy, but incredibly flattered & thankful! I'm relatively new to blogging, and even newer to awards:

This award is from the lovely Madame Dior who has an amazing blog with celebrity style (and most importantly), detailing where to purchase the amazing pieces they wear. Thank you so much MD!
I would love to pass this award to (sorry I only picked one, as it was taking me too long to figure out who, of my favourite bloggers, didn't already have one):

The lovely Songy of Style Discovery (love her blog!) passed me this 'I Love your Blog' award (sometimes I see this pic & think it's a bird, haha!) I pass this award on to:
  1. Dress your day with dreams
  2. i.d.
  3. Grazi at For Fashion's Sake
  4. Romeika at A Room of One's Own
  5. Rebecca at The Clothes Horse
Ate Logo (see you soon)!

This will be my last post from Australia in 2008, as I leave tomorrow for Buenos Aires & Brasil (am so incredibly excited! I will be away for 4 weeks). However, I have a few scheduled posts up my sleeve, hope they work. I won't be bringing my laptop with me, but I'm sure I will be able to read your comments (although I may not have time to reply to them, love reading them, so keep 'em coming!). Please feel free to comment in any post, I'll read them! I will certainly miss visiting many of your gorgeous blogs while I'm away, and hope I get some time to post some unscheduled posts for a quick update. Shopping in Buenos Aires should be amazing, thanks for everyone's tips!




Dress: Zac Posen Picnic dress (one of my favourite dresses)
Cuff: Tom Binns Faux Real
Shoes: Mauve-pink suede sandals with perspex slim wedge heel, bought in Brazil 8 years ago (still love them!)


  1. happy holidays! have a beautiful and safe trip!!!!

    and wow!! that dress is absolutely lovely on you!

  2. oi!!! que vc aproveite muuuuuito as férias! bjs e ótima viagem!!!

  3. congrats! & that dress is so beautiful!

    La C.

  4. What a dress! But where is the Hat?! :)

  5. thank you so much for the award, i am flattered !!!

    i hope you will have nice holidays, and come back with hundreds of things to tell us, and gorgeous outfits to show.

    the dress is so beautiful, so romantic, i love the neck on the back.

    happy holidays !!!

  6. Oh thank you!!! I'm thrilled. :)

    Have a safe and wonderful trip, and bring back lots of goodies to share with us!


  7. Ah zac posen he is so great... that dress is sooo pretty!

  8. shame on me, i forgot to congratulate you for the award, you deserve it :)

  9. Thank you SO much everyone! Hope you all have a fab xmas & new year's!

    Songy - I wish I had that hat! My sister also has a gorgeous floppy hat like that, it'd be perfect for this dress, alas, she took it with her to London...


  10. Yesss the Zac Posen dress! It looks gorgeous on you, dear. Congratulations on the awards, they are so well-deserved :) And I'm so sorry that it has taken me so long to reply back to about exchanging links..I'd love to do that, and I'm putting you on my list right away! Your blog is so nice <3

    I'll miss you and your posts while you're away! Have an incredible Christmas and an amazing New Year, sweetie. xoxo

  11. beautiful dress.
    happy holidays :)

  12. great dress! and congrats on the award!

  13. Thanks everyone! 'Tis 5am (woke up an hr earlier than my alarm), but heading off soon. Drinking quite a bit of red wine the night before flying....NOT a good idea!



  14. Have a safe trip! Feliz Natal e Prospero Ano Novo! I'll be in Sao Paulo at the end of the month. (For work). Happy Holidays!

  15. oh no i've missed you! but you check your comments, so hopefully you get this one. have the best time, seriously! i'm so jealous, and i am certain that you will have a fabulous christmas and new years.

    thankyou so much for the award, really, it is too lovely of you. i would love to give it back to you, but it seems you already have it, but your blog really is excellent. i'm glad you've done some schedules posts (Aren't they just marvelous?!) so we won't have to deal with a full brigadeiro absence.

    and that dress is so cool, it looks really comfy and very stylish as always. i've said it once, i'll say it a million times, you've got excellent excellent taste.

    ah you're comment gives me hope. i do have lots of time to fill my wardrobe with lovely things, and there will always be beautiful bags... like today i saw an absolutely amazing alexander wang clutch bag in blood orange, but at 900 it stings a little. of course, when i'm rich and fabulous money won't be an issue at all, but right now... i'll stick with the bag i have until then.

    glad that you arrive safe and sound, and hope you have the best holiday.

  16. OMG! Thank you so much for the award...

    You are also in my list of favourites, not only for your incredible sense of style but also because we have so much in common too.

    Enjoy your trip and keep us updated of what you've been up to.


    For Fashion's Sake - Grazi

  17. Have a lovely lovely time!

  18. Thank you EVERYONE for your lovely lovely comments! I'm now at 'home' with my parents and finally have internet, so I apologise for the delay in replies. xoxo

  19. Great to hear you have jetsetted and your itinerary sounds just about perfect, enjoy, I am sure you will!

  20. LOL. This is SO long ago but I can't help to comment that this is MY favorite dress of yours lol. ;)

  21. Such a gorgeous dress. May I know how much the cost of the dress was? I'm planning to buy one of the designer's picnic dress, still searching for it though :)