Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nathan Jenden - Prince of Pleats

I have been a huge fan of British designer Nathan Jenden since his first solo show in 2006. His work displays amazing attention to detail, sharp tailoring, bold shapes & clean lines, intricate pleats, ruffles & folds, high-necks, rich colour palettes, heavy embellishments; and in every piece, a beautiful celebration of the female form...

Fall/Winter 2006

Spring/Summer 2007

Fall/Winter 2007

Spring/Summer 2008

Fall/Winter 2008

Spring/Summer 2009

Fall/Winter 2009

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the pleated design of my Nathan Jenden wool dress from Fall 2007 reinterpreted the following year, as it is what made me fall in love with the dress, along with its cute crystal buttons. I have been flogging this dress this Winter, it makes a perfect LBD...

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  1. sigh..the dress is so beautiful! love its details and the button !

  2. Oh my goodness, the first dress for S/S 09 that you posted is stunning, love all the colors and how it looks like it's made from those little paper umbrellas that are put in drinks. ;)

    Hope you're doing well dear! <3


  3. that is a fantastic dress of yours!!!

  4. Hey sweetie, that's a very funny coincidence, again. I've never heard of Mr. Jenden before today... When I've scanned Net a Porter for new arrivals I felt in love with a stunning black dress with most adorable details - it's the wool coat dress, product ID 47266. My heart skipped a beat, this dress is too gorgeous to be true!!! So this one is on my wishlist, I saved all the pictures and wanted to add this to my newest posting :)
    Helloooooooooo? ;) If I like MidnightSun?... I've started reading it for the second time now... Ah yeah, just like you :) Uuuuh, I'm so delighted they're about to do the next movie Eclipe right now in Vancouver. My fav so far was Twilight and New Moon... Hm, but they're all having a charm on their own... (No 4 was a little bit too much, Bella was a smart and tough girl and this whole over protective mommy thing was a little bit over the top (to me))
    The idea of Midnight Sun is just bombastic - I can't believe to be so attracted to these books and the story at all.... A fellow blogger (Rachelle) was using a very cool expression: Holyguacamole!! :)
    Wishing you fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!!
    much love, sofie

  5. PS. Yep, forgot one more important information about all the Twilight-Highlight ;)
    Thanks for the great collage - since I didn't notice his collections before I fell in love with the dress coat at NAP today it was lovely to watch his previous collections on your blog! The Summer collections are playful and sweet and the Winter collections are dark, elevated, fancy + strong.
    Mmmhm... I think I felt in love, too <3
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ruffles, pleats and bows- OH MY! I love your dress... and I'm obsessed with those SS 08 bow shoes! So lovely. Drools.

    Hope you're enjoying your week!

  7. Love the dress in the first row on the right!

  8. Such versatility! Beautifully tailored pieces in all the collections.

  9. pleats and dresses - what could be more feminine? Love your dress!

  10. i think i'm such a boring dresser cuz i love these looks, but know i wouldn't wear them... though i do love the dress you have! i like that asymmetrical/drapey button up look, almost got a alexander mcqueen cardigan like that at a sale once!

  11. Huuiiih, so many awesome photos and an amazing collection throughout
    the last years!
    I somehow love all the white romantic beauties from SS08.

    And for your LBD- the "pleats" on the top part are so eyecatching! I´m sure you look beautiful in it, Miss "Princess of Australia"!;)

  12. Thanks for alerting me to this designer. I'd heard of him but hadn't paid much attention. Now I will! GORGEOUS, gorgeous dress!

  13. So gorgeous, darling!
    Love the collections and your post title!


  14. I think I found my new favorite designer! His dresses are just gorgeous and visually stunning to look at! I love the fact that he experiment with bright colors and create fun and feminine shapes! xxoxoxxo

  15. beautiful all the designs he made!!!

  16. the white dress from SS 08 and the ribbon shoes are incredible... i really love the way he plays with shape and proportion. really very beautiful, and very feminine! X

  17. Wow...the designs are just gorgeous. I love the black dress--classic but edgy.

  18. Ha! I was already thinking my favorite was on the one you have--so elegant and understated and yet, so wonderful.

  19. You have great taste! Its clear that your upbringing has influenced your taste in fashion in an amazing way! very international, can't wait to read mroe!

  20. This is ridiculously stunning. I am in LOVE.

  21. Never heard of him but now I'm so glad I have! Each season is so different, yet there is a continuing theme of tailored silhouettes and ruffles which I love. That LBD you have looks gorgeous!

  22. i'm diggin' all the black dresses you highlighted!