Monday, August 10, 2009

Power shoulders: my Costume National jacket

Power shoulders seem to have crept back into fashion for the last year or two, starting with Martin Margiela sending out sharp and very wide shoulders for his Fall/Winter 2007 collection, and most noticeably, Christopher Decarnin's amazing SS09 & FW09 collections.

Spring/Summer 2009

Fall/Winter 2009

I love my Costume National jacket, from Ennio Capasa's Fall/Winter 2001 collection, which has worn so well in the last 7 or so years. I love its beautifully tailored thick wool, and it's nice to see that the design does not seem to have dated:

I dug up these pictures after I wore my outfit, and laughed when I saw the lace top worn on the runway looked so similar to the top I picked to wear under my Nathan Jenden dress, which in turn was worn under the same Costume National jacket above, haha...great minds think alike?

Alannah Hill 'I like it I'll take it' French Lace top
Nathan Jenden Suejogi black wool pleated dress (better pics HERE)
Costume National black wool jacket
Leona Edmiston Pins leggings in Onyx
Gucci patent studded stiletto heels (I took THESE close-up pics last year)

Shame black is so hard to photograph...oh, and please excuse my solemn face, someone walked past my driveway and I froze, haha...


  1. your outfits posts complete me. Ha. SERIOUSLY. Amazing, as always, I just love the lace on you!!

  2. Love this trend so much!!
    You're rocking it!

  3. How are U dear?
    Oh! One of my favoutirete australian designer is Alannah Hill. So romantic. Cute outfit!


  4. Super chic... oh wait, did I say that already?

    You truly did a great job with the lace underneath!!! AWESOME!!!
    Also adore your hairdo ;)

    Once again I´m "amused" about Balmain: Net-a-Porter listed today some new items about 7K and they were already sold when I took a look at the website... Ahh 7K and sold out... just for a little piece of something to wear..

    Have a beautiful day!!!!

  6. yummmm, love balmain so much <3


  7. the lace top looks so great underneath the ensemble.

  8. You look fabulous!! Can't wait for Fall, not for the weather but I love Fall fashion.

  9. i love how your hair covered one of your eyes. very provacative! :)

    and your outfit is amazing! is specially love the lace top.

  10. am searching for the perfect black t-shirt to add shoulder pads to...

    great blog!

  11. Hi!!

    Saw you from one of Thumbelina's links and have to say you have a great style! Love your fashion editorial posts too! =)

    I see that you live in Oz? I lived in Melbourne for 15 months back in '05-'06 and I miss it dearly!

    Have a great day!

  12. I love Alannah Hill too, love your lace top!

  13. I am absolutely obsessed with this trend!

  14. just perfection - the runway shots and your outfit too (as always!)!

  15. The lace and the strong jacket is such a nice combination. And people walking by during picture taking--why must they always do that? :)

  16. I adore the jacket! It's such a great idea to layer it with the lace underneath! You look alluring and elegant! I can never get enough of looking at Balmain collection! xxooxxoox

  17. i love that style
    looks gorgeous

  18. I love your take on the look. I feel like I have seen the Balmain version too much now.

  19. Gorgeous outfit, babe! Wanted to leave a comment on wardrobe tpf but I'd rather do it here! I LOVE THOSE GUCCI SHOES too!!! You always have the best things!

    PS: Mind if we exchange links??? I wanna link you!

    xx Adeliet

  20. you looks absolutely that lace shirt!!!

  21. I love the combo of black lace and strong shoulders! I have a lace top with puffy shoulders and am looking for good layering options. And I'm right there with you on the fact that black is so difficult to capture on camera--- the details and richness are often lost in translation! You look hot anyway!

  22. Gawd I love all these peaked shoulders!
    Your whole outfit is amazing too!


  23. oooh TOUGH! me likey!! love the soft contrast of the lace top;) YOU LOOK GREAT!


  24. so so chic outfit !!!
    i love the lace top, the pleated dress and the leggings !

    let me know what macaroons/pastries/dishes your mum and sisters had at ladurée !

  25. Love those clothes, they are wearable and all cute. what caught my attention are the black and white also the green one is pretty and glam. They are all stunning.

  26. i llike thistrend

  27. Pointed shoulders are THE thing to wear!
    It's not easy to wear!!
    You look amazing in your outfit! Very powerful, very chic and very outstanding! I would turn for you when I would see you on the street!! :) So I could only watch you with telescope eyes on my screen. I like that, too :)
    So, as mentioned. Pointed or power shoulders are THE thing to wear right now. But stepping out on the street and the city and the nightlife you have to see so many FAIL pointed shoulder looks... Eeek!
    Just finished my latest blog award work. Please, nobody send my any more blog awards until the next eclipse.... (not the movie!!)
    wishing you a lovely wednesday - wow, and again it's middle of the week....
    xoxoxo, sofie

  28. Have you checked out Balenciaga or Balmain? Talk about some serious fashion business in terms of shape!

  29. I am seeing skirts like the blue everywhere.
    I like so much your blog.
    I follow you. :)

  30. i like the dress on the second pic, was that once worn by jennifer connelly?

  31. You look fabulous! Love the jacket over the lace :)

  32. the shape of your coat is to die for . and love the structured shoulders

  33. I like your outfit more than any of the runway pix!

  34. LOVE the new defined shoulder! So in!


  35. loving all of this especially the shoulders and the sequins xoxox

  36. I love everything about this black outfit! And I hear you about black being difficult to photograph.

    Happy weekend!