Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Japan, here I come! - Packing for a Winter Holiday

found this cute pic via googleimages

Thank you to those who gave me valuable tips in my previous thread: Japan - Land of the Rising Sun, I have taken note of your recommendations and am bringing them with me to Japan. Right about now hubby & I should be on a plane on our way to Sushi-land (I know there is more to Japan than sushi, but love sushi!).

I keep getting warned that it is quite cold in Japan at the moment, and will get colder in the coming weeks (it is Winter there, whereas it is Summer Down Under), so have tried to pack for warmth, and layering (as I hear it is quite warm everywhere when indoors). I have purchased a few accessories for the trip:

Coach gloves - I am absolutely amazed at how soft the Nappa leather on these gloves is, as is the cashmere lining...even when it is not cold enough to wear them, I will have them with me just so I can 'pet' the leather, haha.

Falke soft merino wool tights (can you believe these are 3 different colours? I bought these in black, anthracite and navy). For years I have been meaning to buy myself a pair of these tights, but I am not one to spend much on hosiery, so have been putting this purchase off for some time. However, since I no longer fit a single pair of pants (barr my Harem pants, which are not warm enough for Japan Winter), I had to resort to the warmest and most comfortable pair of stockings I could think of (and these are certainly that, and so amazingly constructed!). They were retailing at $89 a pair at the Falke store in Melbourne, and I balked at the price, knowing I could get them for a much better price online, so paid only 18GBP from www.socksfox.com (so I bought 3 pairs for almost the price of one). I will layer these if the weather is very cold...

Chanel 5159H sunglasses from 'Le Perle' collection - I feel so 'Audrey Hepburn' in these. Ok, so these are not vital for Winter, but they are vital for my 'wardrobe' - the classic pair of sunglasses. I love the little 'abacus' of black pearls on the side, and big round shape.

Other items going in my suitcase:

Lover Grace coat - I figure I can layer this wool coat under and over outfits.

SABA merino wool turtlenecks (am bringing two, and a black scoopneck merino wool knit top, as well as a SABA black wool ribbed knit cardigan).

Chloe flat knee-high boots - am hoping these will keep my lower body warm along with the Falke tights, and allow me to walk all around Tokyo.

Lanvin - patent black ballet flats - just in case it is warm enough for me to wear these, or if I am invited to anyone's home, as putting on/taking boots are not as convenient.

This Nina Ricci silk goose-down filled jacket is so gorgeous and so warm - although the teardrop shape will highlight my tummy, I don't care, love this jacket!

I was tossing up whether to bring this Burberry Prorsum quilted silk/wool coat, or my roomier Spijkers en Spijkers coat, this coat ended up in my suitcase, as it is warmer (even though I won't be able to fit as many layers underneath).

I am bringing comfortable dresses that I can layer under/over outfits, including this Marlova cashmere tank dress, and a Donna Karan mock turtleneck l/s dress. I will also bring my Akira blue silk/wool dress for layering over knits, and my trusty Ilana Moses deep purple silk slip (I seriously live in this dress, all year round!). I am also bringing my Burberry fine alpaca wool red/cream scarf (present from my little sister a few Christmases ago) for warmth and colour (most of my clothes are black/dark).

That is pretty much all of it...I feel a little 'underpacked', as my suitcase is fairly empty, but I suppose that will mean more room for shopping! I am especially hoping to find many vintage kimonos...Japan, here I come!!!


  1. have a fantastic trip! can't wait to hear all about it xo

  2. how completely fabulous! have a great trip, can't wait to see pictures and purchases! :)



  3. Have a fantastic trip. can't wait to see your beautiful pics and your purchases. Stay Warm !

    P.S. Lovely packing you will look tres chic whilst staying warm.

  4. Looks like you're all set! Love the Chloe boots- enjoy your trip!

  5. i love this post. Enjoy your holiday, i am envy ;p
    and please take more photos of sushi please..haha
    of course i love to see your outfit

  6. I love everything you have taken - you will look gorgeous in Japan. :) Can't wait to see all your pics and purchases!

    Oh, saw this in the Dec Instyle mag and immediately thought of you:
    "From sculpture to designer gowns, the National Gallery of Victoria's new exhibition pays homage to the art of DRAPE...Drape: Classical Mode to Contemporary Dress from Dec 2" (pg 178 Dec 2009 Aust Instyle)

    Don't know if you'd be able to make it to Melb soon but knew I HAD to tell you!

    S xx

  7. i hoping you find some beautiful kimonos too!
    have a safe trip & return :)

  8. Have a great trip! I'm a HUGE fan of those Coach gloves too! They are unbelievably soft.

  9. Am in love with your Chloe flat boots! Have a great time and keep us "posted"!

  10. I SPOT AGYNESS DEYN! & I want everything listed in this post. I'm not even joking right now. Dead serious. EVERYTHING.

  11. Enjoy! Can't wait to see pics from your trip. Hope you'll find the vintage kimonos that you want.

  12. Good Morning Miss Brigadeiro.

    Enjoy your trip to Japan!!!
    I love especially your Lanvin ballerinas and the Burberry coat!!!

    Keep my fingers cross you´ll find some amazing vintage kimonos!!!

    Have a lovely day!!!

  13. beautiful.

    happy holidays.

    - the clothing project


  14. Those boots are gorgeous. Have a safe journey to Japan.

  15. I love packing stuff made me want to pack the whole house. LOL! Good luck on your trip.

  16. Great packing choices! I especially love those black leather gloves with the gold buttons and that last blue tank dress, I need something like this for layering desperately!

  17. Just discovered your blog. Wow. Hope you have an amazing time in Japan. Take lots of pics so that we can live vicariously through your adventures!

  18. Omg I am going in March, I am so excited.
    I am wondering what I should be packing...

    You have great winter choices!

  19. love the sunnies! have so much fun! i loved tokyo!

  20. That jacket looks amazing!i love the design and the colour

  21. Great travel-wear choices! Especially love the gloves & tights! Have a great trip & Happy Holidays:)