Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pre-Fall 2010 Part 3: Thakoon, Doo.Ri and Devi Kroell


Thakoon Panichgul evoked warmth with his PF 2010 collection "Through the use of fabrics that envelop the body" (Thakoon's words). My favourite pieces were the pieces that resembled blankets, wrapped and cinched around the body with a belt:


I have been a fan of this Korean-American designer for so many years, especially her architecturally draped jersey dresses, for which she is most famous for. For PF'10, she used brushstroke designs which were digitalized to the point of abstraction on sweet cocktail dresses and miniskirts, and a cropped double-faced cotton jacket featured a delicate floral screen print. Look at the beautiful drape of the 2nd top below, as well as the simple long-sleeved grey it!

Devi Kroell

Devi's stunning accessories have caught our attention for quite some time now, and it is only recently (in the last year) that she has moved to ready-to-wear, putting her passion for unique materials to work, shifting her focus from skins and leathers to silks. Doing so beautifully...Of course, my favourite pieces of this collection were the draped ones...


  1. Love the whole Doo Ri collection that you've shown.

  2. i like the grey draped top @ doo ri.

  3. Oh, I love Thakoon and Doo.Ri's collections! The draping and especially the beautiful dye pattern on Doo.Ri's fabric. Beautiful!!

  4. you could open a shop - lovely editing!

  5. Devi Kroell's pieces are 'de'vine! Gorgeous.

    S xx

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  7. News on

    New post by Mariam.B, his digital camera is break so she took photos with her mobile !
    Come on and see her post :) see ya

  8. Happy sunday to you, Miss Brigadeiro!

    What I truly love in so many collections are black tights ... plus heels
    and the "additional look". Looks always stylish and perfect! Doo.Ri has some amazing pieces! Lovely!

  9. Love Devi Kroll's line- I can imagine how fab her bags would look w/ these!

  10. Hi Brigadeiro, I am a faithful reader of your blog for about 1 year.
    I had a blog before called "b-chic-b-simple" you remember by chance? then for privacy issues, I regrettably had to close it, but now I have a new blog ( and I would be very pleased if you could come and visit me sometimes!

  11. Devi Kroell is one of my favorites! Always happy to catch a little something here and there on Ebay sometimes.
    I've discovered Thakoon quite late, one year ago - but the love is still growing!
    The PF Doo.ri collection was not my cup of tea this time, but they're really interesting!

  12. OMG I love the second to the left flower dress!!! its awesome with the booties :)


  13. I love these designer clothes collections. It’s stunning and it’s gorgeous.