Thursday, February 11, 2010

Japan: Tokyo Part 6 -Asakusa & Ginza

Apologies for the slow posts, the lack of replies to your sweet comments, and for not being able to visit your blogs (including my favourite blogs that I so miss visiting - time has been scarce)...I have been busy with my parents (who usually live in Brazil) and sister (who usually lives in London), as well as with finishing up work (yes, WOO HOO!), but hope that I will catch up soon...Thanks for your patience and for still coming to say hello!

Cool art exhibited near Takashimaya in Shinjuku

So I thought I would continue with my Japan trip, and move onto the older districts of Tokyo: Asakusa and Ginza:


I loved the 'Meron-Pan' - a delicious Japanese bakery good with made from an enriched dough covered in a thin layer of crispy cookie dough outside with a delightfully light and fluffy inside...

Whilst resting my feet in a nearby park I spotted this kid who was 'too cool for school', strutting his stuff around the playground just like this...too cute!

click to enlarge - Kokeshi dolls!!! I did not buy mine from this place, but later spotted the ones I purchased (in Kyoto) in this photo!

Asakusa is beautiful by night as well...I made two trips to this district, the latter trip being later in the day.

My one 'fashion' purchase from Asakusa - a cute kid's quilted kimono jacket - how cute is it?


The shopping district of Ginza is filled with posh department stores and designer stores as well...

This window display was too cute for words

Cool windows

Look at the curve on that De Beers building!

Bought myself a Marni Laduree box - unfortunately there were no Marni Laduree macarons (only a few for display purposes) - but I thoroughly enjoyed eating these...


  1. Again, such a fun series. Thank you for all of them.

  2. your japan pictures are fantastic!

  3. oh, como é lindo o Japão!!!
    É possível viajar sozinho para lá ou é melhor ir com excursões por conta da língua? VC fala japones ou usa mesmo o inglês para se comunicar?

  4. That little boy is beyond cute :)

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone!

    kirafashion prefiro viajar sozinha (bem, vim com meu marido - mas não gosto de viajar em excursões)' é facil viajar pelo Japão, especialmente Tokyo, pois maioria das pessoas falam um pouco de ingles. Não falo Japones (aprendi umas 3 palavras so), então so usei ingles...Recomendo viajar ao Japão! :)

  6. You are an AMAZING photographer! Parabens :)

  7. O Japao deve ser incrivel, o que suas fotos soh fazem confirmar. E nao se preocupe em nao poder responder aos comentarios.. :)


  8. Ooh another load of fun Japan pictures :) Those macarons look super tasty! Have a great weekend dear!

  9. Beautiful pictures, as always.

    I love the cute kimono with the bunnies, so adorable!

  10. The quilted kimono jacket is so cute !!! I want to see it worn ! The little rabbits are so lovely !

  11. Adorei as fotos do Japão! Eu sempre quis ir lá, agora minha vontade só aumentou :)