Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New York Fashion Week - Fall/Winter 2010 Pt 3

Carlos Miele

Brazilian designer Carlos Miele sent out bold and vibrant colours on the catwalk:

Catherine Malandrino

Erin Fetherstone and Diane Von Furstenberg

Flowy silks

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  1. Peekabooo, Brigadeiro!
    How are you doing?

    Also enjoying all the Fashion Shows during NYFW
    but honestly have to say I´m still waiting for the
    "special moment" of ..." this is the most adorable piece I´ve ever seen" ;)

    Catherine Malandrino´s collection has some lovely pieces, the long maxi dress, the black grecian goddess dress and the blue pants with the huge bag!

    Have a beautiful day ahead!

  2. Hello! I am impressed with Malandrino. Never been a big fan, and it's nice to see the label take a walk on the darker side... I saw the Fetherston show in person, and I have to say I was also very impressed with the prints and the innovative mixing of textures there. More subtle than straight up vintage remixed.

  3. Fabulous all around styling at Malandrino- love!

  4. Love the Malandrino collection, so edgy!

  5. i LURRRRRVEEE the Catherine Malandrino collection. especially that first outfit you've posted, it's actually really really great!


  6. I´m not really following the NYFW (not enough time), but looking to your pictures, I have to say that I love this two collections. At least the part you are showing us :D!

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments!

    Hi Little Fashion Treasury (aka Martina)! I must admit nothing has 'wowed' me as yet...NYFW seems to have a lot of 'good' pieces/collections but not usually mindblowing...

    I was indeed pleasantly surprised by Malandrino, with her 'tougher' collection :)

    xx to you all!