Monday, April 26, 2010

Autumn Leaves...of red & gold

Well, it turns out last weekend's 'Last Hoorah' celebration was a little premature...another weekend has come & gone 'action' as yet. So, to appreciate another weekend as a 'twosome', hubby & I took a drive to the Hills for a nice lunch...

Chocolate oatmeal stout (beer) on the menu! Must try that next time...

Red deer osso bucco with herbed mash and roasted tomato

Loved the decor...

House-made oxtail ravioli with a rich shiraz glaze

I did not notice the coin on the seat until now...

I was still hungry after my ravioli, so hubby & I shared this as our 'dessert': Wagyu burger with bacon, salad, cheese, house-made beetroot (beetroot in burgers is a very Aussie thing), horseradish sauce & tomato chutney on a sourdough bun.

Chloe grey marle hoodie with silk flower appliques (worn with a silly expression on my face...)

I had almost forgotten it was Autumn until I saw the gorgeous Autumn leaves in the has been so warm (up until this day), that it almost still felt like Summer.

For dinner we roasted a leg of lamb, substituting the beer from the recipe taken from the Stonesoup with a Charles Melton's Sparkling 'Brute Peche', with a dash of 'Samuel's Gorge Shiraz'...Such a simple recipe yet so goooood....

Now I am off to finally see Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland'...I can safely say I have never been to the movies this early (10:30am), but I have left it so late in watching this movie that it is the only session!


  1. The ravioli suddenly has me craving the decor.
    Your Chloe hoodie totally works on you...take care and may you have a smooth delivery :)

  2. Wow, I just had dinner but I'm hungry again.

  3. miss cc!! i need to know where that place in the hills is!! tweet me the details :)


  4. Maybe the baby wants to sample all this delicious foods a bit longer ;) It all looks so delicious! Mashed potatoes and roasted tomatoes sounds soooo yummy right now.

  5. nice choice with the roast lamb... nothing better than a roast at home! yummyyy x

  6. Love the Chloe hoodie! And your food pics make me hungry always!

  7. I like that picture of you very much! It's VERY lovely! :) And YAY to that delicious dessert!! xxxxx

  8. You look so cute in the Chloe hoodie !
    The Wagyu burger and the leg of lamb look delicious.

  9. best wishes with the birth!!!
    i keep checking back to see if its happened yet.
    i am guessing if you are away for a couple of weeks i can safely assume the baby has arrived!

  10. miam MiaM MIam :p
    we want it all now ! lol
    Kisses from France

    Olivia & Mariam


  11. so delicious food B and I do hope the best! Que a sua hora seja maravilhosa e cheia de luz!

  12. Gorgeous photos, darling!
    Love those stools!
    And you look beautiful :)


  13. Es la primera vez que en la foto quizásvea un poquitín la car de embarazada, la primera y sales genial.
    Que envidia, que comida, me encantaría compartirla contigo, besos enormes
    No me has contestado a las preguntas que te hice del bebé ¿?¿?¿?¿?

  14. The decor is lovely there and I just love the perspectives and depth of field in your photographs.

  15. really beautiful shots


    follow me

  16. Love the zoom-ins on the furniture too!
    Hope you are feeling OK. I was Overdue with both of my sweeties and can realate. This is about the time with my first that my husband took a tastelful shot of me in the bath - it's hilarious. I'm 80% out of the water!
    Loved your blog about the clothes you can still wear with your maternity stuff. I tried my hardest not to get sucked into the void of maternity flour sack fashion, but nowadays there are better options.
    Good Luck!

  17. I love the furniture and that food makes me hungry.

  18. I'm literally starving now thanks to the pic of the Red Deer Osso Bucco. Sounds like you two had a lovely day!

  19. wow, the food looks amazing, especially that osso bucco... mmm. just keep having amazing meals every day as continued "last hurrah's" until baby comes... :) good luck!


  20. the food is :9 and the decor is soo lush. it looks like a very comfy and welcoming dining area. plus i love your jacket. ;) im craving oxtail soup now.

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