Thursday, April 8, 2010

David Szeto - The Quiet Genius

Canadian Paris-based designer David Szeto studied at FIT before he launched his collection in 1993; and only presented on the Paris runway in 2006. Known for understated designs and signature draping, David shies away from publicity and lets his talent speak for itself with beautiful, original creations, soft and whimsical yet contemporary. . . characterized by his signature Vionnet-inspired draping and intricate cuts, superior smocking and for twisting malleable, soft fabrics to create elegant forms.

I only discovered the quiet genius David Szeto (self-described designer, photographer, stylist & consultant) a few years ago, and was absolutely devastated when I hesitated a few hours too long to snap up this stunning draped dress (alas it was the last one!)

However, I am absolutely rapt to have this Navy Wool/Silk coat dress in my wardrobe:

David Szeto's stunning pieces exude a quiet power, with beautiful attention to detail, like the ruffles on a dress, the soft hand tied bow, or the lushness of a coat that draws you into each collection.

His A/W 2008 breathtakingly beautiful collection was inspired by and named after one of my favourite movies (for its fashion): 'In the Mood for Love'. Funnily, it was only recently, after years of admiring David's work, that I discovered that he is of Chinese heritage...

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  1. wow.. there are a few things in there that i would love to have in my closet!!! thanks for sharing!

  2. He is one of those under-the-radar designers, and I love that navy wool and silk coat you pointed out.

  3. These are amazing! I love his use of volumes & drapings :) And in the mood for love is one of my favourite movies as well! I must watch it again, it's been a while :)

  4. that 1st dress is so beautiful! I hope you can get your hands on that navy double breasted coat/dress!

  5. I LOVE David Szeto. I have dresses, blouses, skirts . . . I have that chartreuse green silk top here with me in Japan. One of my all time faves.

  6. wow....!!!!!!!
    These are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Absolutely stunning, darling!
    Impeccable draping!


  9. Great photos! Thanks for sharing x

  10. i will direct David to your blog next time we talk he would be delighted!
    i am also a massive fan and proudly own some of his pieces!!!

    CONGRATS on being a mummy!!!!!


  11. Brigadeiro,
    The David Szeto white jersey gown you missed is listed on eBay, in French 40, you might want to check it out: