Monday, April 19, 2010

The Last Hoorah!

Ok, so I know our lives don't 'end' when you have a baby, but hubby and I thought we should celebrate what may or may not be our last weekend as a two-some with a nice dinner out as our 'last hoorah' little Brigadeiro is due in less than a week - a fact that remains so surreal to us both!

The lavosh and bread were absolutely delicious - I love good bread, just as nice as eating cake...

The 'Spoon Tasting' platter - from right to left: oven roasted truss tomatoes with deliciously soft marinated goat chevre, grilled free range kangaroo fillet with sauteed potato and spring onion, orange blossom honey, baby fennel & wild blueberry reduction served with grilled (herbed and roasted garlic) polenta and fig jam, seared ocean trout, cajun lamb loin and BBQ Pork neck. A great way to try a little bit of each dish at this restaurant...

For our 'main' we shared an amazing Wagyu fillet - this melt-in-your-mouth steak was absolutely delicious!

Side of vegetables - included roasted baby PURPLE carrots! I had never seen them before!

I pretty much wore a repeat outfit of what I wore 4 months ago + my Burberry Mini Manor bag

Thakoon tie-dye coatdress
Dries Van Noten sandals


  1. wow! love that dress!

  2. All of that food looks really great, your food posts are always fantastic!

  3. You look amazing! Good luck! xx

  4. yum that food looks great and i love the dress

  5. you look stunning! in case we don't hear from you in the next week, best of luck with everything! i hope it all goes exactly how you want it to!

    that food looks incredible, i agree completely about bread - even better than cake some times!


  6. Dear Brigadeiro
    Best of luck with the bub - I have two beautiful children and I have to say that my greatest advice is:
    keep the baby swaddled they love it
    keep noise in your house and don't do the silent thing or you will never get the baby to sleep
    and enjoy life - we took our babies everywhere and just made bed time in the pram at the restaurant.
    If you want to give the baby a dummy or you need to bottle feed occassionally so be it a happy mother means a happy baby. We always fitted our children in to our lives and not the other way around and they are really relaxed and adaptable and well behaved.
    Good luck with it all and of course I always adore your lovely food and clothing posts - you look awesome - pregnancy suits you.
    Demanding Anon x

  7. Best of luck with little Brigadeiro! :) You will be a beautiful mummy!

    Love the advice from Demadning Anon, I have already dropped them down , sure it will become handy in a few months time ;) hee hee

  8. I'm sure Mr Brigadeiro and you will have many other romantic week ends just the two of you !
    I can't believe Baby Brigadeiro will arrive next week ! I'm looking forward to seeing her !

  9. love that dress and the food looks oh so delicious...

    I am so happy for you!!!It's always so wonderful to hear a new baby is coming to our world...and what a lucky baby it is:D

  10. I love Thakoon, so much georgeous. And this dress is stunning, love it:)

  11. Wow . . . Little B is coming so soon! Or maybe not so soon for you. How exciting. I am being selfish here, but I hope you will still have time for a blog post or two once he or she arrives. Also, you've done an amazing job at looking incredibly stylish throughout your pregnancy. Kudos! And lastly, you should definitely find a way to sell your food photos! They are always so incredible!!

  12. I'm still amazed by your super-slim look in 9th month!

  13. That sounds like a delightful meal, though I have never had kangaroo (not living in Australia makes it an uncommon dish). How does it compare to other meat as far as texture/flavor? You look amazing, cannot hardly tell you are pregnant, let alone 9 months along!

  14. Querida B!!!

    Não sabia que vc estava grávida! Nossa e já com 9 meses! Deve mesmo está sendo maravilhoso!!! Meus Parabéns! Só vc para permanecer tão chic mesmo grávida. Mas, de fato, vc quase não teve barriga e isso é ótimo! Meus Parabéns!!!
    Pretendo engravidar no ano que vem!

    Mil beijos e que tudo corra muito bem querida amiga :)))

  15. What a delicious outing, darling!
    Love your dress too!
    So exciting that your baby is due in just days!!


  16. looks so yummy!!!
    loving your blog, keep it going
    and thanks for sharing, so wonderful!


  17. brigadeiro - i am so sorry for the complete lack of commenting... but good luck next week with baby brigadeiro!!! i hope everything goes perfectly... can't wait to hear about names and everything oh babies are so much fun!


    you look lovely... glowing! and for a 'last meal' this one seemed pretty perfect. nom nom nom.


  18. What a great blog! yummy food and beautiful dress!!

  19. Were did you eat exactly? The food looks great! :] And I'm a sucker for a nicely designed menu too....

    I also have the exact same dress! Looks fabulous on you though!

  20. Great pics.
    Your pics tempts my appatite.

  21. I love the dress and the pics..yummy yummy.

  22. hey gorgeous,
    didn't leave many comments in last months although i'm following your blog regularly. hard to believe you are expecting in next days because it's not noticeable you're pregnant at all. your outfit postings are very inspiring and of a great beauty. just wanted to send you my warmest regards and my very best wishes and thoughts. can't wait to see first pic of proud mom and little brigadeiro.

  23. omg that all looks so good! and I love your dress!! so beautiful! I hope you are having a nice week!

  24. adorei o seu blog!!! muito cool e os outfits amazing!!! o ultimo post deixou-me com fome

  25. You look amazing in that. Good luck with your pregancy! x

  26. mmmm
    delicious food
    delicious dress!

  27. mmmmmmm very good aspect that food xD
    Please visit my blog and comment and follow me if you want to ;)

  28. Good luck! Bringin in the baby in such style.. :)

    PS. Much admiration all the way from India :)