Saturday, August 3, 2013

Instatravel Diary Part 7 - Paris and Chanel

This is Part 7 of my 'Instatravel Diary' of my Instagram pics I took on my iPhone while I was in Paris (continuing on from Pt 6, Pt 5Pt 4, Pt 3, Pt 2 and Pt 1), in reverse chronological order (start from the bottom up, from right to left):

  1.  My favourite yoghurt La Fermiere on a placemat I bought Lil' Brigs #1
  2. My name/words/work in print at Colette in Paris! Peut-etre magazine Issue 7
  3. What I wore: Dries Van Noten silk blouse, Zara denim shorts, Isabel Marant Gris Dicker boots and Chanel reissue bag
  4. Walked into Chanel to look at beige bags, and somehow on looking at Boy bags 'just because', I ended up mulling over these 3 beauties
  5. Decision was made over lunch, and I promptly returned to stake my claim
  6. Almost went for the black Caviar Boy, but the detailing was lost when I 'carried' the bag (so stunning up close though, and on the shelf too, well, just stunning full stop)
  7. The calfskin double stitch that came home with me
  8. Next day, hard to escape the heat! Wore Bonds striped tank, Zara white skort, Isabel Marant Betty black sneakers, Chanel reissue bag
  9. The breathtaking Sacre Coeur  (and my Jimmy Fairly sunglasses)
  10. A little Laduree souvenir I couldn't resist - macarons AND Eiffel Tower!
  11. Finally made it to the Marche des Enfants rouge and found an amazing Moroccan place
  12. Lamb tagine...yum!
  13. On a friend's recommendation (coucou Olivier!), I just had to try a Popelini (Marais)
  14. Popelini storefront (they have gorgeous little choux pastries)
  15. I went for the 'Choux du Jour' pistachio cream and raspberry *drool*
  16. Also bought bread from the 'best bread in the world' (only realized I was staying a block away from it and Popelini the day before I leave! Doh!) from Poilâne
  17. Also found some artichoke/truffle pesto a few doors down from where I was staying, that I had previously bought in St Remy de Provence
  18. Chanel on my favourite chair
  19. Too pretty to open, but I had to pack
  20. My 'other' baby Boy
  21. My Popelini...yuuuuum!
  22. Prawn ceviche at Glou in Marais
  23. Behind me you'll see a whole load of 'velibs' (public bicycles for hire), never got the chance to ride one, time!
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  1. All of your photo's are breathtaking! I feel like I've been fortunate enough to experience a mini trip through your photo's. I love the Chanel bags! My heart skipped a beat. I've been after the black boy bag for what feels like forever and I just can't find one. I'm glad you had an amazing trip and thanks for sharing all of your inspiring photo's! You've made me want to go...

    - Mandi