Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stylish baby bags (aka nappy or diaper bags)? Come have a look...

"As the most stylish mamma I know, what advice do you have for chic baby bags?? I want to treat myself to something lovely and I am struggling'...x

I have been asked several times where to find stylish baby/diaper bags, but have only given a recommendation or two, but when my lovely friend (K, once again, you are too kind, really!) asked me, I thought I should get off my behind and see what options are available a few years on from whence I last searched.  I know I haven't done these kind of posts in a long time, but hope it is of use to not only my friend K, but to others who are searching for baby/nappy bags too.

Initially, when pregnant with Lil' Brigs #1, I thought I'd treat myself to a designer nappy bag, but after further research, didn't think it suited me personally.  A few of my friends and family have told me the same in hindsight.  Forsaking their designer bags for more practical ones (and I'm talking Burberry and Gucci baby bags here).  Instead I bought this Burberry bag, but later found out that it was both too heavy, and the strap too thin to be comfortable for the purpose of a nappy bag.

Those who still follow my blog may know that my 'baby bag' is my trusty Balenciaga Extra Courier bag, which I alternate with my Balenciaga Courier bag in Anthracite (slightly smaller than the former).  I used to use a 'baby bag organizer insert', with different compartments for nappies, nappy wipes, folding out mat, etc. for the earlier months, but have since done away with it (as the little ones are now bigger).  I love my bags because they are very light, I wear the strap across my body to free up my hands (very important when trying to carry a baby, unfold a pram, etc), and this strap is nice and wide so it doesn't cut into my shoulders.  I love my Courier, and think it makes a brilliant 'baby bag'.

Balenciaga Courier available at Farfetch and here.

 Unfortunately, I can't picture my friend K in one of these for some reason.  She is much more polished and elegant than I could ever dream of being.  So I thought I'd search for something more K-ish.

n.b. clicking on store names should lead you to the product page where you can see more pics and details/info.

Behold, this Valentino rockstud tote is reversible, how brilliant is that?!

 This is available at Net-a-Porter (black/tan - doh! It sold out, but it has some better pics), Stylebop, and at a better price at Lane Crawford (perhaps customs/tax isn't included in this price).

Unfortunately I think the strap may be a little too thin to be worn for an extended period, especially when heavy-laden...

Of course, it needn't be a designer bag.  After buying herself a Burberry baby bag, my SIL later purchased the Stokke changing bag, and much preferred it to the Burberry...plus it goes with the pram!  You can find it here, or of course at a store closer by.  I quite like it in the melange colour too:

I also considered the Storksak bags for quite some time, and they now have this stylish 'Caroline' bag in navy and black leather (available at Nordstrom and John Lewis), and available in nylon here.  I know I said one doesn't need an actual designated 'baby bag', but this one sure looks appealing (much more than anything I had previously seen):

I also thought these Storksak Sofia bags to be quite stylish, not quite as sleek as the Caroline, but still cute, no?  Available in tan and leather at John Lewis and Nordstrom.
 So cute in Linen too (a little Chloe-esque?) - available at Saks Fifth Avenue

I also toyed with the idea of these for Mr Brigs (baby/nappy bags for the boys! Or for myself really, quite stylish too!).  If memory serves me correctly, Mr Brad Pitt himself toted one of these 'Jamie' bags...Available in black or brown leather at Nordstrom and John Lewis.

Ok, in danger of over-hypeing it, I saved the best for last.  I was too excited to find this bag, look at the colour! It's called 'Yummy cookie/brownie brown'! Say no more! This Chloe Baylee bag in the large size has a gorgeous wide strap, two handles (very important too), beautiful leather and plenty of room. And plus, it will still look gorgeous with a certain Chloe coat in a gorgeous shade of mustard yellow...They are two-toned, so you almost have a two-in-one bag , great value for money, haha!

 It is available in this colorway (in the large size - the medium size won't cut it as a baby bag) at Saks Fifth Avenue - who also have it in coral, and at Monnier Freres,
 This gorgeous Mandarin Peel/Cherry Jelly (such yummy names!) is available at Farfetch, - who also have it in more neutral colours like black and pale grey.

Ok, this post is by no means exhaustive, only a few examples I found through a quick 'scour'.

Hope they are of help!

Good luck!


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  1. Very helpful! I'm on the lookout for my "toddler" bag now that I don't need so many wraps, cloths, changes of clothes etc. My baby bag is the Stevie from Kate Spade, lots of bright colours to choose from and it will transition into a swimming/sport/beach bag (nylon interior, easy to wipe) as there's only pockets around the inner sides - I didn't want too many compartments.
    I am hoping to get the MBMJ Classic Q Huge Hillier next, the cross body strap will be handy when I wear Little Miss in her carrier.

  2. I'm not pregnant neither I have a child, but some of those bags are really pretty

  3. These diaper bags are really awesome. They are big enough to carry lots of items - both for mother and her child. On the other hand, hand bags are not that much useful if you have a child. You cannot put things other than yours or your child's. It is not that much spacious also.

    Thanks for sharing such a nice blog!
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