Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Sylvy Earl - understated elegance in millinery

It was a few years through the Instagram-vine that I discovered Adelaide-based milliner Sylvy Earl, and her beautifully understated yet elegant style immediately caught my eye.  Every hat and headpiece that she designs is handmade by Sylvy in her beautiful studio behind a gorgeous blue door.  Her work has featured in Vogue Australia, Vogue Brides Australia and Elle Australia, as well as on the runway for Melbourne Fashion Festival and Adelaide Fashion Festival. But what most resonated with me is that her meticulously crafted creations combine element of fine detail, delicacy and simple lines that create hats and headpieces that are understated, and perfectly balanced.
As soon as a project called for some special millinery (watch this space), I immediately seized the opportunity to team with Sylvy, and got to visit her at her gorgeous studio, so I just had to share some quick snaps I took while I was there (which reminds me, I never shared the pictures I took when I visited Maison Michel's ateliers when I was in Paris years ago! Please remind me to do so):
When Sylvy asked me to look out for a blue door to find her studio, I didn't realise it'd be this gorgeous, how sweet is her studio front?

I interrupted Sylvy (who is oh-so-lovely and patient) who was busy preparing her orders that were going to David Jones shortly after.  What a treasure trove!

Left to right: Helix Crown (available at David Jones), Twisted Gold and Pearl Crown (available at Sylvy Earl), Pearl headband
This 'Oyster Draped Straw Hat' is so so beautiful! Not pictured is an oversized pearl in the fold of the hat, I have a better picture of the hat (sadly ruined by me under it, haha).
Hayley Frayed Straw hat in black

Both available at David Jones.

Wave Straw Hat in powder blue and pale pink - available at David Jones
'Orbit Mesh Headpiece' - 
available at David Jones

The talented and lovely Sylvy Earl

From top to bottom:
'Hayley Frayed Straw Hat' in Honey
'Orbit Mesh Headpiece'
'Baby Rose Vine' in black
'Baby Rose Vine' in Gold

Available at David Jones

Available at Sylvy Earl and David Jones

All images taken by me.

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