Monday, January 11, 2010

Japan : Tokyo Part 1 - Harajuku

I came to Harajuku twice: once on a weekday so I was able to stroll down Takeshita Dori, the focal point of Harajuku's teenage culture, with its cute little stores, creperies and young Japanese girls (some in those Japanese schoolgirl uniforms I had only ever seen in cartoons and movies), and the next time on a Sunday, when the streets are absolutely jam-packed with people, including 'Harajuku girls' (and gothic lolitas, or simply the gothics, and other crazy fashion) one hears so much about, when young (sometimes not-so-young) Japanese dress up in crazy costumes and gather around Harajuku Station...

There is also much to see around or near Harajuku, including the Meiji Shrine, Yoyogi Park (also best to go here on a Sunday), Omotesando Hills and even Aoyama (with the famous Prada store); I will save these areas for future posts, but here is some of Harajuku:

The gateway to Takeshitadori (name of the alley/street) in Harajuku, which gets crazy-packed on weekends...

I flipped when I saw this girl! Does anyone else remember the Popples?!?

There were several 'crepe carts' selling crepes with a variety of toppings (including cheesecake!) and ice cream flavours...

Of course I had to try one...

How cute is she?

This girl more than happily obliged to pose for photos (for or with) tourists (although I was trying to catch her between poses)

Cool shoes...

The that skirt and dress!

Cute girls in pretty 'frocks'...

Although it is not only the girls that get to dress up in 'pretty' frocks...

Hubby & I absolutely adored these cute tees! Almost made me wanna turn vegetarian...

Hubby's purchase of the day, a 'vintage' (this model is I think 5 years old) yet new watch - love it! My picture does not do it justice, I'm afraid.

This one is mine, still kicking myself for not also buying the Casio Databank calculator watch I had my eye on (I have been searching for a cool Casio calculator watch for years) - it was such a cool vintage model with a funky green panel...Ah well, 'should've could've would've'. I love mine too, I think this model is 3 years old or so...


  1. amazing!!! love your watch. i got myself a casio watch from hong kong earlier this year, but it's silver coloured. they are just so cool!


  2. Amazing photos! When I went to Harajuku I really wanted to see the harajuku girls and couldn't find anyone, must have gone on the wrong day. Love your watch by the way :)

  3. Love the photos of the harajuku kids.
    i was too scared to take photos of them when i was there last year.
    I heard they dont like people taking photos of them.
    that, and im too scared to ask. hahah

  4. Thanks selena & Wikifashion and Lola! The 'Harajuku girls' usually come out on Sundays, I went twice to Harajuku (once on a weekday, nice and fairly quiet, and then again on Sunday - crazy-full-of-people, but it was great! :)

  5. i love the japanese street style photos! =)

  6. I am counting down the weeks till i'm there (9 to go!). Seeing these pictures are making me even more excited. Those crepes look too yummy for words

  7. so cool^o^ harajuku is one of my must go places^^ that girl in the dungarees is so cute. i wish i could dress up extreme here but i guess people would just think i'm weird.~~

    thanks for sharing xx

  8. Happy sweet monday to you!

    So many lovely photos... I feel so far behind fashion when seeing all
    these fashionable japanese girls. Love to watch their styles which are so completely different and unique.
    There is one pretty rose dress with such a sweet print!!!

    And yeees to the yummy ice cream ;)

  9. I can't wait to see more pictures.
    Those animal tees are so depressing. But not enough to make me a vegetarian! ;)
    Cool watch for the Hubby.

    Happy New Year!

  10. The famous Harajuku girls! Loving these photos. I hope you can share many many more. Love these street shots. Do you have more food shots??? That crepe cart makes me hungry ;)

  11. Great photos- can't wait to see more. Such amazing style over there!

  12. Such a fun post, darling!
    Love those costumes!


  13. super kawaii! Thank you these are amazing, Japanese street style at its best!

  14. I've never been to Japan, so it's great to read your post. I'm always blown by
    Japanese fashion. Sabine x

  15. great post!

    yes, i totally remember popples! i had a lavender one! my neighbor has a very sweet, super round cat named kesey, and tell her all the time that he looks exactly like a popple to me.

    now i want to go to japan....!

  16. Keep the photos coming! Japan looks like such a fun, fascinating place. Damn, all these Japanese girls look so flawless and put together, even if they're wearing some crazy outfits!

  17. beautiful pics...^.^ I love them all...but pic no 5 is my fav ^.^

  18. Vim olhar deu blog por causa do nome! Sou brasileira morando nos Estados Unidos :o)

    I am definitely following your blog now, nice to meet you!

  19. alias, teu blog... claro que tinha que escrever errado!

  20. Please, please more pictures, it's amazing !
    Crazy outfits !

  21. I always have fun looking at Harajuku girls! Thanks for posting these. :)

  22. aww so amazing, I need to visit Japan asap!
    that crepe made me hungry...

  23. I'm loving your Tokyo pictures! The fashions you snapped are SO fun!

  24. amazing photos! i can't wait to go there at the end of this year. did you go to disneyland? hiroshima? looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos.

  25. great photos. very interesting. i'd love to go to japan

  26. i am so jealous right now !! ive always wanted to go to japan .. i cant beleive the pretty pink dresses those girls were wearing .. i mean that is so amazing i have no words

  27. Adorable photpgraphs:)Of course, actually being there must be amazing.Was it just a trip to Japan or do you have like relatives there?

  28. LOVEE the photographs!!! :) I want to go there nowww!!! :) I love the amazing mix of people in just one street alone its amazingg!

  29. I used to have several Popples! One was an orange basketball one.

    How crazy is the dress in Japan? Looks awesome though! And the crepes... *drool*