Thursday, January 28, 2010

Japan: Tokyo Part 4 - Omotesando

The walk up Omotesando towards Aoyama (previous post) on Jingumae is lined with designer stores sporting incredible architecture...

The Christian Dior building by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa

I borrowed the picture above to show you what the building usually looks like, I think the Dior building was red especially for Christmas...White stripes are printed on the acrylic walls so that the building's appearance changes beautifully depending on the light during the day and the level of penetration of lighting at night.

The Louis Vuitton store by architect Jun Aoki

Tod's store by Toyo Ito - its distinctive exterior is made from two contrasting materials of seemingly bare concrete and glass. Just like the branches of the zelkova trees along the street, the pattern on the building’s façade get finer as it reaches upwards.

What better way to recover from all the walking than with Sushi train!!! This restaurant was opposite the Omotesando Hills shopping complex (where hubby enjoyed a sake tasting afterwards)

Hubby's favourite: ikura (salmon roe)

Hubby was puzzled as to why the 'wasabi' was given in powder form, and added some to his soy sauce, and was quickly told by the waitress that it was green tea instead, haha! So glad it was him and not me!

Maguro sushi (tuna) - the tuna in Tokyo has to be the freshest ever...

How cute is this mural/wall?
Pictured: Nina Ricci silk goosedown-filled teardrop jacket by Olivier Theyskens


  1. Japan is so pretty. I want to visit one day. I envy you!

  2. Wow, architecture seems to be in Japan like nowhere else ...
    The wall is so cute !

  3. A cidade que mais sonho em conhecer no futuro..lindo demais, cultura entanto, para compras, vi no HW que tudo é beeem mais caro que na Europa...é verdade?
    I mean, as lojas como Chanel, LV, Prada...etc...

    depois me fala isso!

    Mil beijos B!

    Vc e tudo :)

  4. Very beautiful post. I went to Japan last Summer, but I'm a little sad to say that I was so consumed with people watching and shopping that I didn't appreciate the beauty of the architecture.

  5. Hello again ! No box yet :(
    But i still hope to receive it : my friend William received a package from Australia and it took 1 month ...

  6. Hi Brigadeiro-
    and another beautiful post about Japan. The architecture of each and every store/ building is
    so one-of-a-kind.
    Cute photo of you in front of the "kimono-mom" ;)
    I hope you was able to get your hands on a vintage kimono as I remember how much you adore(d) them before you left.

    Have a beautiful rest of the week

  7. All the architecture is amazing.. I love the red Dior building! What a sight to see @ night :)

  8. I die right now reading this. I'll get my dream haircut there one day.

  9. You have such a charmed life!! Your photos have given us lots of ideas of what to do when we go there at the end of the year.

  10. The architecture is gorgeous. My sister-in-law lived in Japan for a year and it seems like a lot of aspects, food, buildings, gardens, etc...are really geared toward being aesthetically pleasing. Even the sushi on the sushi trains looks meticulously prepared!

  11. awesome photos!

  12. hubby and i loved the architecture so much in tokyo. quite stunning. love the mural :-).

  13. Awesome game dior colors in your house, the structure of The building is contemporary and very interesting. Amazing food... VAYA VIAJE MÁS ALUCINANTE, ME ENCANTA TODO, LA EXQUISITEZ DE LOS SITIOS QUE VISITAS, LA ROPA, LA COMIDA, TODO ESTÁ RELACIONADO. BESOS preciosa

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  15. You have a great blog!


  16. So, I am definitely going to Japan. Just bought tickets . . .

  17. gorgeous images, thanks so much for sharing!