Monday, January 18, 2010

Japan: Tokyo Part 3 - NHK Flea Market and Yoyogi Park

On Sundays, next to Yoyogi Park (i.e. next to Harajuku Station), you can find a flea market next to the NHK hall...

Donna Karan Signatures wool jersey dress
Chloe buckle boots
Nina Ricci silk goosedown-filled jacket
Chanel 5159H sunglasses

Loved this guy's style, from his cute vest to his dusky pink corduroy overalls....

I usually do not fare well in markets, as I get overwhelmed with the volume of items, but on a men's rack I found this vintage bomber embroidered jacket for a mere 500 yen (roughly US$5)...score! I will take some close-up pictures someday...

Not for sale
and too cute for words!

I was tempted by this vintage leather coat with fur trim, but the weight and bulk of it made me put it back on the rack...

Yoyogi Park is one of the largest parks in Tokyo, next to Harajuku Station and Meiji Shrine in Shibuya. The park is a popular hangout, especially on Sundays, when it is used as a gathering place for people to play music, practice martial arts or theatrica plays, etc. It also boasted the cutest dogs I have ever seen.

It was such a delight to watch this Japanese man bring so much joy to little children in Yoyogi Park with a plethora of different nets creating bubbles of various shapes and sizes...

Bringing joy not just to the kids...silly me burst the bubble wearing my silk Nina Ricci jacket, so it's now off to the dry cleaners...

On Sundays you get to see the cute & crazy fashion of Japanese youngsters

The Japanese dogs also often wear the cutest outfits

Early afternoon the 'rockabilly groups' come out to well as guys dressed up as Elvis.


  1. I used to love flea markets, too !
    But now i'm lazy and i also get overwhelmed with the volume of items.

    The rockabilly group is so funny, especially the guy with the pink sweater and the Elvis hairdress !

  2. hallucinate with their mixtures. Here is impossible, in japan is normal ... and that wonderful child ... more trendy than anyone!!!
    The leather jacket was beautiful, maybe too long

  3. Happy sweet monday, Brigadeiro.

    All your flea market photos are so amazing... so where can I start..?
    Wooow and congratulations to your fabulous vintage find: the vintage bomber embroidered jacket is gorgeous, can´t wait to see when you do a close-up.
    Your Nina Ricci jacket in the bubbles put a smile on my face!!!

    Have a lovely day and start into the new week!

  4. Oh that rockabilly group looks amazing!

  5. More fabulous photos, darling!

    Love that vintage coat!


  6. Love that fur coat! This looks like such a fun day, what with the adorable kids and doggies!

  7. Fantastic images.... I'd love to visit that flea market! And of course, the NR jacket is a beaut!

  8. i love that bomber jacket! and that dog is wearing sunglasses! goodness me!

    what wonderful photos :)


  9. Gorgeous photos! Love the bomber jacket :)

  10. Great pictures, such interesting environment!

  11. Love the tracksuit on the dog! The Chloe boots look great on you too :). - Michelle

  12. BABY AND DOG FEVER ALERT. Wow. These are great photos. You look adorable, too! Nice to see your face again :) You can still rock the outfit photos, lady!!

  13. great pics, so grungy and cool!

  14. love Japanesse fashion!!
    they're always so playful and exciting..
    and that vintage bomber you got..what a bargain :)

    eclectic du jour

  15. such an amazing place! that child is unbelievable cute!!!

  16. firstly, im obessed with japan sooo im adoring this! and wow, i looove the japanese youngsters clothing style, i wold sooo do the same!

  17. Cute like fun!

  18. I am loving your pictures! The rockabilly groups are my favorite! I want to join one. :) Love the jacket you found and that's a real steal!

  19. wow so jealous of the bomber jacket... I have wanted one of those for years but so far they have managed to evade me entirely! good find!

  20. great pictures, and such a cute kid!

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  21. How fun! I love the leather coat with fur trim! It looked so good on you. But the bomber jacket is a sweet find.

  22. fantastic photos!! ah i was in tokyo last year during cherry blossom season.. yoyogi park was magical

  23. I love flea markets

    the rockabillies look awesome lol

  24. i love these photos
    absolutely fabulous
    gorgeous creations and captures of the real life
    love your blog, keep it up
    thanks for sharing as always


  25. Looks like an amazing time--love that bomber jacket you scored for such a great deal..and of course that adorable picture of the little boy..too cute!

  26. OMG I think i was here on the same day as u! I visited the flea market and saw the guy with blue hair. And i loved the Rockabillys! Glad you enjoyed Japan- I did too, Tokyo's such an incredible city!!

  27. Great find on the bomber jacket! It's divine. The dog and baby are too cute for words as you said.

    Also I spot a Balenciaga on one of the girls in the park! That must be one of the new styles.

  28. I found a site that you might like --

  29. love this post! i want to go to tokyo so much more now!!^^

    everything is so cute~~ the guy wearing the vest and cord pants is so cool and the kid is so adorable! i wish i could dress like those girls too. ha~~ + the bubbles look fun^^

    the fur coat you tried on looks so nice.. but does look really heavy^^