Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Japan: Tokyo Part 2 - Meiji Shrine and '5 things' I LOVED in Japan

Just West of the railway tracks of Harajuku Station you will find Meiji Shrine, one of Tokyo's major shrines, in a large green oasis shared with Yoyogi Park (which I will share with you in a future post), it is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit, which seems worlds away from the hustle and bustle of Harajuku...

Washing hands is part of a ritual purification before entering a shrine.

I was so excited I got to witness a traditional wedding procession...

Dress: Akira blue silk/wool dress
Jacket: Nina Ricci silk goosedown-filled teardrop jacket (so warm!)
Boots: Chloe black leather buckled flat boots
Bag: Chloe Ava leather bag in Mocha

Another happy couple (love her wedding kimono!)

We got to wander in the Meiji Garden (within the Shrine complex) - unfortunately no flowers were in bloom, but we were lucky to catch a few last red leaves before they fell...

The autumn leaves of red and gold...

Thought I would share 5 things I loved in Japan:

1. Vending machines - you find these everywhere in Tokyo with cheap cold and hot drinks/coffee. There are even beer-vending machines, which hubby loved (they used to have them in Tokyo when he was last here 10 years ago, but we could not find a single one until we went to Kyoto).

2. I loved the variety of different coffees available, and could not resist trying a 'Hello Kitty' cafe au lait...just so I could photograph the cup and show it to my sisters

3. These 'sealed' sandwiches were great for breakfast or a snack (tried to always have one in my bag in case of 'emergency' - ie. if I got hungry), peanut butter and the chocolate flavours were my favourite (the chocolate included a slab of chocolate and chocolate cream, yum!)

4. Sushi!!! Or Sashimi...or really, the incredibly fresh raw fish in Japan...amazing!!! The tuna (maguro) simply melts in your mouth, and I adore scallop sashimi (hotate sashi).

Hubby had never tried scallop sashimi/sushi until this trip, and fell in love...

5. The toilets.

Laugh all you want, but the toilets in Japan are incredible (and so clean)! The one below was a simple model in my hotel room (I stayed at the Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku, and highly recommend it! Great price, convenient location - 3 minutes from Shinjuku station, yet still quiet, small (well, it is Tokyo/Japan) but great rooms, great service, will stay here again for sure). 99% of public toilets had a fancy 'seat' (fancier than this one) which could include: bidet (including a setting for girls), warmed seats, flushing sound or music, air, etc...


  1. That would have been so magical to see the wedding! Loving your photos :) Have you been to the New York bar yet? It's the one from Lost in Translation.

  2. The picture of the wedding and the Meiji Garden are so beautiful.

    You look so cute in your Akira blue dress !
    The Nina Ricci coat with the teardrop shaped sleeves is gorgeous. And i wish i had your hair !!!

    Sushi, sashimi ... yummy !

    Thanks for those beautiful pictures !

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love everything about Japan!

  4. wow, that place wouldve been beautiful in the springtime! but the red leaves are gorgeous. This might sound like a stupid question but i was wondering if you could tell us, do you speak japanese at all?
    I understand you speak a few other languages, takes a lot of talent! glad you had such a beautiful holiday. xx

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments! :)

    Lola - nope, didn't get to go to that bar. I did go to Gonpachi restaurant (the restaurant Quentin Tarantino modelled after for his Kill Bill movie).

    brooke - not a silly question at all. Sadly I don't speak Japanese, but I did work on a few phrases (most used: eigo ga wakarimaska? - Do you understand English?). :)


  6. Gorgeous CC! The brides are amazing, and the shot of the procession is unreal! Can't wait for more pics, they're great! See you in Feb ;)

  7. Coucou!
    Je crée des bijoux de tous genres, vraiment pas chers et originaux donc ca me ferait très plaisir si tu pouvais, ne serait-ce que jeter un coup d'oeil sur mon site :)
    Merci beaucoup!

  8. beautiful pictures!!! i love it!!! it's so magical!!! I dream of spending holidays in Japan!!!

  9. Such gorgeous pics. How wonderful to see the wedding! I am so enjoying visiting Japan vicariously!

    Sharon x

    p.s. LOVE the Nina Ricci jacket :)

  10. Your pictures are so amazing, really, you can't believe how bad I want to go to Japan right now :D! And I loooooove your Nina Ricci jacket! looks great :)

  11. Being able to see the wedding procession sounds amazing.
    The red leaves, reminds me of Hero. ;)

  12. Happy sweet wednesday, Brigadeiro.

    Love them all!
    I hope so much you get your hands also on some vintage kimono´s as I remember how much you wish to call one yours!!
    Brigadeiro and her Chloe bags ;).. You have such an awesome bag collection!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  13. That is soo beautiful! I really want to go to Japan! I looove japanese food, tuna is my favourite :)

  14. Amazing pictures!!!Japan is so original, it has the most incredible things even in the smallest parts of your food, WOW!!!!

  15. I've been seeing a lot of fashion bloggers going to Japan lately... and their pictures are always delightful to look at! Love this culture, would love to visit and have fun like you did! Cheers to a great blog.

  16. Great photos again. Love the Nina Ricci jacket.

  17. Nossa B!

    Que máximo estas fotos to Japão!
    Sonho em conhecer o país um dia, como as meninas são lindas!!!

  18. Really gorgeous photos, darling!
    What an amazing trip!
    And those little sandwiches look so yummy :)


  19. I love this post! I wish so much to travel to Japan... Maybe one day!! So, I love to see the pictures and read about your experiences. Thanks for sharing :D! And happy 2010!

  20. Love the photos. Japanese culture is fascinating!!

  21. Now that's a toilet! Funny how it's such fundamental things to life that are the most fascinating things sometimes in foreign places...

  22. Hola preciosa, te hemos echado mucho de menos, comentábamos que estarías encantada con tu fantástico viaje y nos encantan las fotos y verte tan feliz y estos colores maravillosos, tus looks y la comida. Seguro que unos días inolvidables, FELIZ 2010, espero compartir a tu lado muchos momentos y seguir disfrutando de tu exquisito gusto. Un beso enorme a muaaaaaaaaaa

  23. oh wow - amazing photos!! I literally wrote a post yesterday about Japan being on my travel wish list. This is a sign!! xx

  24. the maple leaves make me feel warm inside...


  25. Love that blue dress!
    The toilets in Japan ARE AMAZING! The first time I sat on a warm toilet seat it was a bit of a shock, but it definitely grows on you. :)

  26. The brides are beautiful! Great photos.

    Last time I was in Tokyo (2002) I took pix of the toilets too!

  27. oh beautiful brides, beautiful japan, beautiful you! you look like you're having the best time. japan is on my list of places to go, i think there is a stillness to the city, even when it's busy, that is enticing. stillness and calm. something about all those sliding doors, i think. :P

    im glad you had an amazing time. can't wait to go on my own holiday too.

    happy new year!


  28. Amazing.

    Hubby and I are most likely going to JP in September, so am taking notes. The hotel looks great too! Just what we were looking for.

  29. It's been great looking through all your incredible pictures from you adventure, It looks amazing and like theres something new and amazing around every corner, like even a . . . . . toilet!
    Rianna Bethany xxxx

  30. oh my gosh i wish i could go to japan! that looks like such a great adventure.

  31. this looks like an amazing journey:)enjoy your time there...i wish someday i could visit Japan...

  32. oh i would like to visit Japan! :) i just know this wonderful place from pictures but the reality must be amazing ! :)

  33. wonderful pics, they're full of atmosphere!
    it must be magical there!

  34. so beautiful! i was there in september!

  35. i went to japan few years ago too, its so aamazing, the edible products are so weird, and funny, and the culture !

  36. HI! I just got back from Tokyo a week ago!! I loved it too!! Thanks for the wonderful pics!! It was a great reminder!

  37. looks amazing... am planning a trip to Tokyo next year so am taking notes! xxx

  38. Ooh- somehow I missed this post-- but the shrines look amazing, and I love your shots of some of the traditional weddings! The costumes are gorgeous. Oh and I love your Nina Ricci jacket!! ;)