Thursday, January 21, 2010

Japan: Tokyo Part 4 - Aoyama (inc. THE Prada store)

Aoyama is another area near Harajuku Station, with incredible architecture and designer stores:

Herzog and de Meuron's Prada Epicenter:

Please excuse the 1001 photos I took of this building, it was absolutely superbe! I was intrigued by its incredible architecture (both outside and inside), a definite must-see in Tokyo! I had to see it twice, as the first time I saw it was when it was closed, at night...

LOVED the geometrically trussed, bottle-green coloured, bubble glass fronted building...


We could not figure out what this 'hall' lead to, please excuse the silly pose...hubby told me the light was shining directly on my face otherwise, making me look freaky in the photo...

On our second visit to Aoyama we realised the 'tunnel' was the exit from the basement floor of the Prada store

click to enlarge (I drooled over the Chloe Paraty in black Python)

You can see a little of the incredible interior structure of the Prada store in this picture

Stella McCartney - spreading a little Christmas cheer

Loved the accessories at Miu Miu! I still long for a Miu Miu bow bag... I love thee...

As do I love thee, Pierre Herme...

Coat:Burberry Prorsum quilted military coat
Scarf:Burberry alpaca fine-knit scarf
Gloves: Coach kid leather gloves lined in cashmere (so warm and so so soft!)
Bag: Chloe Ava bag in Mocha
Dress: Ilana Moses deep purple slip dress

Unfortunately the range of macarons available was quite limited, and the many flavours I had fantasized about trying for so long were not available (e.g. green matcha, jasmine, or white truffle and hazelnut, olive oil...)


  1. The Prada store architecture is amazing !
    Oh i see you were wearing your beautiful Burberry Prorsum quiltedcoat, i love it !

    Most of Pierre Herme flavors are available for a limited time. I expected i could taste foie gras macarons again during the holidays but alas, no foie gras ... and no jasmine anymore.

    There was a macaron black truffle/ rice cake available only for christmas and new year's eve, but it was awfully expensive ...

  2. that building in phenomenal.

  3. Stunning architecture photos, darling!
    And I looooove your Burberry coat!


    P.S. Those macarons ~ yum!

  4. Mmmmh to the yummy Macarons ;)

    Happy sweet thursday to you, Brigadeiro.
    Woow to your amazing photos!!!
    And another wooow to your gorgeous Burberry coat and Chloe bag!!!!!
    How cute is your "little heart" ...

    Wish to take a flight to Tokyo right now ;)

    Have a lovely day and rest of the week ahead!!!

  5. These photos are so gorgeous! Makes me sad, I just realised today when I re-formated my computer I've lost all of my photos from Japan :(

  6. oh WOW. what amazing photos. and i lurrrrrve your burberry coat by the way. and all those stores! did you buy anything from dries?


  7. I am also drooling over the python Paraty! Unfortunately (or fortunately, python is banned in CA). The macaroons looks so delicious. I just came back from London where I ate two boxes of macroons from Laduree by myself.

  8. I love it!! I wonder when will I go to Japan. haha :P keep up your awesome work!

    P.S. those macarons looks so DELICIOUS!

  9. love that outfit, especially the trench. and those macarons do look amazing! pity about the missing ones though =[


  10. Oh Dear God in HEAVEN, the Glamour!!! Great photos and great outfit on you too. Really enjoying your bloggy x

  11. Great architecture. Loving the dress from MiuMiu window!

  12. wow, that is indeed THE Prada store! Love it! All your pictures really make me want to go to Japan!! It seems like you had such a fun time over there :)

  13. cute pictures! like the first one


  14. Those macarons are just gorgeous, almost too pretty to eat! (I would have eaten them though for sure)
    I love looking at your amazing travel pics, feels like I am in Japan! I love your cute wintery outfit too. x

  15. the macaroons look delicious!!

    the area where the prada store is, was my favourite part to shop in tokyo!
    i miss it heaps!

  16. Wow the first building looks incredible!

  17. What beautiful, well structured pictures you take! The architecture of those shops make me want to visit Japan on that basis alone. Oh, ok, so I lie. I'd love the shopping too!!! :P

  18. What beautiful architecture. I'm really loving your Japan blog series. :) xx


  19. Kind of beats your typical mall, eh?

    I understand the incessant picture taking when the subject is just awesome. I've taken a hundred of one angle!

    Pierre my opinion, the best macarons. Ever. I even like them a bit better than Laduree. And now I'm dying for some!!

  20. Amazing photos... I'm marveling over the architecture there. So inventive!

    And I still have to try Pierre Herme macarons! I hear they are amazing...

  21. And don't the Japanese have the yummiest snack foods? On my trip to Asia-- I was stuck at the Tokyo airport for a few hours and had fun just eating green tea flavored snacks. YUM.

  22. It's a luxury post, I'm passionate about architecture and I really enjoyed your photos, thanks sweetie a muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  23. So glad you had an amazing time in Japan - I love all of your outfits! x

  24. Beautiful post. I'll be following you from now on.

  25. I´m really enjoying these posts about Japan! So interesting!! Thanks for saharing :D!

  26. did you go crazy in the Dries store?

  27. bubble glass is really fantastic ART. It's really incredible. Great!!