Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brigadeirinha and her Stella

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "
São Paulo Fashion Week Pt 2: Cori & Iódice":

"Hey Brig, love all these gorgeous clothes but I want some more of what YOU'RE wearing!! xx"

Dear Anonymous, I am afraid I have been spending too much time behind the lens rather than in front of it. But it just so happened that I finally asked hubby to take a few photos of me recently while my family was in town (parents and middle sister, little sister is back in London town...). I took them to my favourite restaurant, with Brigadeirinha in tow, still no full outfit shots, but here it is anyway, for the meantime:

TOV checkered shirtdress
Burberry silk degrade longline cardigan

Burberry black trenchcoat with patent leather piping

Burberry Prorsum Lowry bag Lanvin patent black flats (not shown)

Burberry Prorsum fine wool knit dress with metal baubles on the sleeve (they are fairly solid and 'clink' as she moves)
Burberry wool scarf

Hubby's favourite: Mini Wagyu burger

Hervey bay scallop, potato foam, chorizo & paprika dressing

Cauliflower croquettes & truffle aioli

Braised brisket, shallots, crispy gnocchi & brioche - this was to die for! The beef melted in our mouths with an incredible flavour...

I was the only 'piggy' to order dessert: Passionfruit popsicle, white chocolate mousse & almond praline...small but delicious!

Brigadeirinha doing what she loves most (second to eating): stretching herself

Auntie E after lunch at my favourite restaurant...with Brigadeirinha, who is snuggled in her super soft Babyjo bamboo wrap...I wish I had a blanket made of this same material, it is just an absolute delight to touch.

Brigadeirinha in her first Stella McCartney (for Gap) piece...love the crochet!

PS. She is 7 weeks old today! And thank God, she finally passed her hearing test...


  1. Great pics! The food and the baby make me want to eat and have a baby too! What great indulgences!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  2. Your little angel is so cuuuute!!!!
    this food is so yummy!!! makes me wanna discover all of it!!


  3. oh my! she is absolutely, absolutely beautiful!!! and that meal looks really nice. i love it when my whole family comes together when there is a new baby, it is always so joyful.


  4. Your little baby is just about the cutest little girl ever! She is so gorgeous :)

  5. I'm loving all the Burberry -- they have such a classic look! And your new baby is absolutely beautiful!! The bamboo wrap is just adorable on her. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your baby is so cute, and so are you!

  7. You are just glowing, she is beautiful!

  8. Everybody is so cute! And baby Briggy ;) is adorable, especially her Stella ensemble.

  9. You both are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing pics :)

  10. Look at those cute lips, Baby Brigadeiro is so lovely !!! The crochet dress is adorable.
    And yes you really are glowing, you look even more beautiful than before your pregnancy.

  11. very cute ^-^
    curious about her name :)

  12. What a sweet baby! She's beyond adorable. And as for the food.. ohmygosh, I am officially hungry!

  13. awww she is the cutest little thing i have ever seen!!! you're making me feel all broody



  14. adorable! and stylish at such a young age, shes gonna be somebody :) liking the post!

  15. Your baby is the cutest ever,ever ,ever!!!!!!!

  16. Aww, Baby B is so adorable. You're looking good B.

    What brand pram do you have?

  17. Brigadeirinha is a total cutie! Love all of your outfits :)

  18. she is too cute for words!!!

  19. She is so tiny and beautiful!!
    The food looks delicious.
    I'm following you now :P
    Xoxo. Angie

  20. Wow, that coat your sister is wearing is to die for. Brigadeirinha looks so cute in her Stella outfit.